Thursday, June 4, 2009

Totally fucked up

Totally fucked up. Torturers have compromised the one thing that gave me health, hope, and a sense of being human. Once again their goddamned implant poison shit has left me nonfuctional. Crippling headaches---had them before==think they may be separate psychotropic drug. Ketoacidosis. Smell it on my urine--not just once, but the last two times Ive peed. Neuropathic leegs, cant walk. Ankles are full of burst capillaries from excessive edema. Severe drive me out of my mind pain--nobiody can stand the kind of pain suffering that is my life. nobody. Austistic---cant even bear to watvch tv--moving images are all wrong. hard to drive when i am not perceiving reaslity clearly. cant bear any stimuli, the physical muscles of eyes literally hurt to open and move so it is easy to keep eyes shut. Terribl pain God, terrible pain.

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