Friday, June 5, 2009

Trying to recover

Trying to recover from a day of the most intense of evil. It amazes me when these Internet numbskulls write of the "angelic" nature of the alien intervention. It is angelic allright---from the angel of Lucifer and his followers from hell. There is nothing of God or the divine in the psychic rape and torturous pain that accompanies these alien interventions from and beckoning to other dimensions. That is why yesterday I kept covering myself up--I was trying to protect myself. I just had no way of knowing that the fuckers would violate me with such rapidity and impunity. Now, smelling blood in the water, I am all drugged up again, as once more they try to hack into my brain. I am deeply depressed--just as any spiritual person encountering the demonic violation so intimately would be. There is nothing "divine", "illuminating" or special about this experience--it is evil, pure and simple, and it really scored major points against me yesterday, all the while I was just struggling to heal from all their transgressions against my body and psyche. So much for heealing. So much for any kind of life at all. I am truly trapped, and I see no way out.
In the meantime, I am so fucking drugged that I literally cannot stand because my muscles are so locked up. More and more, I see and scream out the need for resistance. Better to die a human being than live a slave to those goddamned assholes. I suppose they are laughing as they read this, knowing how enslaved I am, thanks to the goddamned Christian morons who have sold me out, hoping for a pittance of political power and glory.

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