Friday, January 22, 2010

A lot has been going on, but I haven't been able to post

A lot has been going on, but I haven't been able to post, because hackers have disabled both my home computers, frying my systems with electrical surges (I literally have heard the surges). My power supply is fried on my desktop computer, and my laptop is completely messed up with hacking software, added while the system was hijacked. I literally found another hacking program added just within the last week--something called Windows CardService which records and controls all my web site visits. But it is impossible to get past Windows bootup--the installed software gives an error of Windows unable to verify the product code! On top of that, I am having difficulties with my truck. Because of when it has been happening, I really think that it too, is the result of tampering. It is a real drag not having easy access to a computer or wheels, but guess what, motherfuckers? I have won!!! You have lost, and I am just sitting, waiting out the time. For the last few years whenever I suffered from a bout of psychotropic drug poisoning, God would tell me, "don't worry, you have already won" and "don't worry, you are in the one sitting in the catbird seat." It sure didn't feel that way, though I supposed that God was trying to tell me that people like me, who insist on their right to free will and choosing to maintain what we know to be true, despite concerted attacks and torture, are the real winners in life, while the ones who sell out to evil lose big time--indeed, they lose their very souls.

Currently, I am only suffering from mild psychotropic poisoning, not the awful, unable to move, open eyes, or barely being able to function consequences of relentless poisoning that I have suffered from the last five years. I actually can walk, even though my legs are still dead and I see the swollen ankles from the implants. But I have lost a lot of the fluid that was on me, and my right eye actually is seeing properly for the first time in years, alerting me to the fact that my brain is no longer stuffed with fluid. A lot of the headaches have stopped as well. The other day I realized that I recognized my fingers for the first time in years--the plump fluid filled swollenness was gone.

I supposed I should be grateful, but nothing will ever give me back the five years of sheer hell that I have endured. Nothing will ever return my body to the peak physical condition that I once enjoyed. NOTHING. I know the institution (stupid ass Catholic Church, Opus Dei and SLI) responsible for my suffering and while I may allow for a wartime alliance, similar to the one Roosevelt and Churchill made with Stalin during WWII, there is no question in my mind and experience that this institution is nothing but a huge violator of human rights and human freedom and is ultimately the enemy. They are not going to be around much longer. Good riddance. I hope no one ever has to suffer the hell that I have suffered at their hands.

In the meantime I continue to struggle . I have to keep functioning as best I can, with all the hardships put upon me. It's okay. God was right years ago--"I have already won."

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