Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spoke too fast

Spoke too fast---goddamned assholes are once again bombarding me with drugs---not the heavyduty ones--just the ones that make me autistic (though admittedly sometimes to the point of nonfunctioning) and give me migraines. I had migraines last night to the point of nausea and woke up this morning with once again, the smell of acetone (ketoacidosis--muscle wasting) in my urine. Right now I am at the library, since the motherfuckers destroyed my home computers, and all I want to do is shake my entire body to try to get rid of all the blocked energy in my head and at my meridians. Stupid ass motherfucking liars will say that it is necessary to adjust to Earth's changing reasonance. THEY LIE. It is to be able to hijack and control the images in one's mind, including, but not limited to, dream images. Nothing I can do about it. They put the implants in my brain while I was under surgical anasthesia and now I suffer from chronic pain and autistic hyupersensitivity to stimuli, while my skull is full of dents. I realize that every time I go to the library these people will download their poisonous shit while some dumbass Christian (can see her now) monitors me. Too sick to care. Need to get off this. Cant think anymore. Already unable to think of word choices. Its okay you sorry sobs, Ive already won. refuse to let you define me.

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