Friday, December 4, 2009

Definetly being force fed lithium

Definetly being force fed lithium--realized how fried mty brain was when I tried to send some emails, and i couldnt remember the spiel I always use or even write a paragraph. It took me long seconds to remember what my work history was. i even did not use proper domain names--simple mistakes that a normally healthy mind would catch immediately, but my brain is fried on the goddamned fucker's poison and i cannot remember or catch simple things. how much fucking brain cells are you pieces of shit going to kill off this time. turn me into a goddamned vegetable. i have no desire to live in a world where motherfuckers liek opus dei, ratzinger and fascist jesuits own and enslave me. you can destreoy my body and even my brain youd goddmanecd mother fuckers, but my sould I protect and enfence it with a hatred and vehemence that NEVER NEVER will you penetrate. GO TO HELL, ALL OF YOU. too sick to go any further. but rest assured my contempt for u knows no bounds.

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