Thursday, December 3, 2009


FUCKED UP BEYOND BELIEF on whatever fucking chemical poison the religious fasscists have got in me now. i swing between uncontrollable despair and furious furious rage (as in FUCK YOU MOTHERF UCKERS GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE.LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. DO YOU HEAR YOU GODDAMNED PIECES OF SHIT? DO YOU GET IT?F GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER. Words don't do justice to the intensity. i gues it si better than the suicidal ideation that i have been steeped in the past few days. mentally, im not in reality. physically i can barely walk on numb legs. way too sick to do any kind of phyusical exercise. my belly is ice cold again. shaking out of the question. house is a fucking mess, but im not in reality enough to deal with it. i just want to escape the hell hole that these fuckers have put me in. why? my guess is its the stupidass christians at it again. well, guess what fuckers, i want nothing to do with you . to o hard to even type, arms dont even work. what a fucked up life i suffer/endure. wish to god i were fucking dead. one thing for sure, it beats being manipulated , poisoned, tortrured by a bunch of ereligious fascists who dare to call themselves christian. god get me out of htis chemical hell, please, please please.

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