Friday, March 27, 2009

...And so the brain hacks continue

...And so the brain hacks continue. I woke up last night realizing that once again, Vatican/Nazi/Opus Dei/CIA operatives were trying to hack into my brain and force dream imagery. Don't these pathetic spawn realize that after years of sophisticated dream awareness and analysis, I recognize the real thing from the ersatz? Apparently not, because they keep trying. The most frustrating thing about it, is that such a brain state prevents me from REAL, AUTHENTIC, TRUE contact with my unconscious, the collective unconscious, and the numinous. As a matter of fact, an authentic and healthy dream life might be a dying gift. I am certain that NASA, the space station, and HAARP already are able to manipulate our dreams with superimposed images, to a limited extent already (I strongly suspect such a similar mass manipulation of the unconscious is how somebody as emotionally flat and spiritually deadened as Barack Obama got a rep for being "charismatic"--though the man does know how to front the cool, and I am sure the NLP mind control tricks that he used and the media complicity really helped too). Really, that topic deserves an essay all of its own, but the bottom line is that he is not in control of the power, and had Hillary or John McCain won, they would be in the same constraints that Obama is, so as big a target as the POTUS is, I can't be distracted from fighting evil at the source. I cannot imagine a greater threat than that of being able to manipulate the unconscious of millions, for we are not, in our evolutionary present, equipped with defenses against evil "unconscious invasion" (we have a chance against a conscious invasion by evil, having spent three or four millenia developing tools in our conscious arsenal. The only tool that I have been able to use in the fight against forced unconscious, dream state "hacking" is faith. Somehow, even in my sleep, I know that I am under demonic or evil assault, and I will force myself to wake up, usually praying, talking in tongues, or as in last night, quoting Scripture. Somehow I felt that "3/24" was being forcibly imprinted on my unconscious (I believe it refers to a dream I had on 3.24). In my dream, I said to myself, "I will counter that with 3:16", meaning, of course, the classic Johannine kerygmatic proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ. While I personally have faith in Jesus Christ to help me persevere against and overcome evil, the key element is faith, which those from any multitude of faith positions and traditions can embrace and claim. But the faith has got to be STRONG. In closing, I must say that I am feeling better. My mind is no longer reduced to just reacting to my environment. I am starting to be able to think again--though not with the facility that I enjoyed before. Even as I am writing this, my mind is realizing how desperately my claims need a foundation. I am tired though (all that excessive drugging just makes me sleepy), so maybe later. Of course, if TPTB follow their normal tradition, as soon as I start to feel a little better, then it is time for a new unleashing of drugs. Maybe this fatigue and increasing brain fog is the beginning of their renewed torture. Have faith, Tita.

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