Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Now its haldol that is being

Now its haldol that is being forced onto me--i recognize it from whgen i was first force fed in the hospital. it causes sheer terror and weird brain rushes in me. there is a medical word for it but am too sick to look up. too sick to do anuything. i was mad yesterday when i realized ptb were making it impossible for me to get unemployment or even hold a temp job but i am too sick where ever other day i am given a different psychtorpic. out of control of weight. my back hurts from not being able to do yoga--some goddamned bimbo on patrol from tpthat be was part of the yoga fiasco last night. cant even feel my hands my legs or my arms. doesnt matter sick a i am i know who i am what i want out of life, and no matter how much suffering will hold on . what i want out of life has nothing to dowith you christian church and your hellish unrelenting psychiatric abuse.

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