Friday, March 20, 2009

Nonfunction with muscle pain and migraine

Nonfunction with muscle pain and migraine symptomology after a nite of sheer hellish pain and full body seizures.
Where to start? For the past two orrr three days i have been suffering from severe edema, weight gain, and the nerve pain that that weight causes. i sttruggle to do the best i can and nite before last took some painkillers to help sleep. i was abducted in my sleep. i know because i have a new telltale scooped indentation in my leg. sure sign. that nite I dreamed that I was in this leaky old bldg with both popes JP@ and ratzinger. jp2 was hale and hearty. he was trying to tell me, "tell me the truth about ratzinger" i knew though that the room was completely and overwhemingly bugged. no privacy. so i sent a note to jp2 telling him that i would try to tell him when things were more private. that evil satanic whelp ratzinger was looking on the entire time. well now i am awake. id dont need to say things in code. Ratzinger is evil, pure evil, and antiChrist on the throne of Peter. and he is making quite successful alliances with very pwerful peple includingthe highest ranking members of our govtr. so how much more clear can i getd> you dont need to abduct me. just as=me str8 out.
thne yesterday really struggled with the nerve pain and edema. i cant even ride my bike wo pain. GD motherfuckers have put speed paaste on the bike so i can only ride for short distances beore i havce ot turn back. it is as tho they dont want me to have a moment enjoyment or rest. went to yoga, and they downloaded their shit so that by the end of class i felt worst thatn when i came in. my back hurt so bad from spasming muscles in corpse that i wanted to cry. things got worse and as soon as i walked in door i took half vicodin---becausing i have so few, and drank some whiskey. fucking assholes have put something in whiskey that makes it irritate esophagus and stomac. i dont drink for alered state. i drink just to stop the goddamned pain i am in all the time. went to bed. body started sezing. seized twice. woke up nonfuction with drugs. cant open eyes. every muscle hurts even deep bicep hurts even barely using it. God help me. so sick of this shit.

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