Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nauseated after a nite of psychic rape

Nauseated after a nite of psychic rape--TPTB finally have found a way to successfully hack into my brain. Unfortunately for them, they have not figured out a way to leave out their satanic footprint. For some reason, they are trying to convince me that I am having a numinous dream about Jesus, when I, after years of having authentic numinous dreams and knowing how you feel when you wake up, know that waking up sick and nauseated and drugged and groaning is not a numinous dream at all. Also, no presence of God. I am guessing that TPTB are attempting to manipulate me into cooperation with a massive luciferian deception foisted onto an unwitting public. I won't cooperate. They are quite successful in their attempts to manipulate and isolate me. They have successfully destroyed my spiritual life and my once upbeat emotional equilibrium, but I will not cooperate with evil--not that hard to do when I am so drugged up most of the time that I can barely function.
I have to fight back. I have to inform people somehow of what satanic deception feels like--in short, it feels like shit. It's a tall order for someone who is so constantly drugged and sick that I cant even clean my house.

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