Saturday, March 21, 2009

And so the pain continues--my left leg is

And so the pain continues--my left leg is sore all the up from the shin to the hip. Even my groin area is suffering from nerve pain now. I know there is no respite--the people who are doing this to me don't care if I am paralyzed or in pain for the rest of my life--as a matter of fact they think they would dervie pleasure from it--only to find it an empty satisfaction, as are all the satisfactions of those who service satan.
I can't do anything about the pain. I can't even get pain meds or sleeping pills. They had a really enjoyable night watching me writhe in agonizing pain over whatever they tampered my meds with.
The question is, can I stop them from abducting me? Have they figured out how to hack into my brain? I don't know if I have been abducted two nites in a row, but I am over 90% certain I was abducted nite before last. However, I will pray this, though, that even in an abduction scenario, I don't give away my secrets, my hypotheses, anything that these forces of evil can use to enslave and torment the human race, as I now am enslaved and tormented. And even though I am in severe pain, and very worried about the constant nerve damage being done to my legs (am I ever going to be able to walk normally again?), I am confident in Christ, that even my hostaged unconscious will not betray the grounds for a hopeful future. I rmember reading some book by a Black woman once--Maya Angelou or somebody, and the young mother confided in her mother that she was afraid that she would roll over in her sleep and crush her newborn baby who shared her bed. The mother/grandmother replied that as long as her heart was truly centered on the infant's well being, then even her unconscious actions in sleep would only nurture, and not harm her baby, and she could sleep in peace kknowing that. That is what I have to pray for, and honestly think that I will receive the grace to fulfill. After all, the image of jp2, whoever or whatever was behind it, didn't get my secrets. Got to go to bed praying for I see no end to my torment in sight--not as long as these goddamned implants are in my body, and their minions can come into my house at will...

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