Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interesting dream last nite

Interesting dream last nite--once again I think Opus Dei is trying to brainwash me into their fold. I guess some of them are all worried now about the state of the Church (a little late for that--their conservaatism has a been a key part of the problems and steps leading up to the mess). Well, if you are part of the problem, you can't be trusted to be a key player in the solution. That, of course, is me speaking rationally. So let me bring my emotions into it. NO FUCKING WAY! I haven't lost years of my life to suffering, pain and misery for nothing. I haven't laid awake at nite, sobbing from the unrelenting pain for nothing. I haven't had my humanity stripped from me tthrough false incarceration, manipulation of intimate relationships, and job harassment and unemployment for nothing. I don't suffer from permanent brain damage done by years of force fed psychotropic drugs for nothing. I have not gained over 50 pounds and been turned into a beached whale over the last three and a half years as a side result of those psychotropic drugs, for nothing. I am not walking around in chronic pain with neuropathic legs that often no longer listen to my brain's commands, constant fatigue and attention deficit disorder, tender head and headaches, and autistic sensory overstimulation caused by the ongoing speed I am force fed, for nothing. For any and all Opus Dei people all I can do is recommend you to the gospels in order to develop a personal experience and relationship with the Risen Christ, and to St. Paul, for you are followers of the Law (albeit a Christian Law), and not the Spirit. This is why you can participate in some of the most torturous, barbaric actions and decisions that I, as a naive, idealistic, young Catholic Christian, would not have believed. But I learn fast and I learn thoroughly. Go fish for a brainwashed support somewhere else. I follow The Fisherman, and I know his disciples and you are not of them.
Last nite I dreamed that I was taken to a space station where the inhabitants took out one violating implant that they had put in me through my vaginal cavity, and implanted another!!
Int: I know Opus Dei is working with aliens (and the Nazi branch of the CIA which also has the most evil of associations with diabolical aliens). There is an ongoing question in my head that I try to answer--is there one alien faction at all, that if not angelic, is at least benevolent to us human beings? Or, as above, as in down below--you support the lesser of two evils? Of one fact I am certain, whoever is implanting me is violating my spiritual sanctuary (through my sexual orifice--I never have time to elaborate on it, but sexuality and spirituality are completely intertwined). They do not act as "angels" of God-- who gave us humans the power of free will; rather they attempt to force their will upon me through chemicals and implants. I may not be free to live as me, and worship my God, but I reject Satan and all his works, lies and empty promises. Sorry Opus Dei--I'm certain some of you are well intentioned but that is who you are serving.

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