Friday, March 6, 2009

One day in hell--the next day out

One day in hell--the next day out--today I am in, the result of a massive headache caused by the implants. Way too much csf in my head. Eyes and head hurt. Started last night after yoga. I have to force myself to go to yoga to try to keep back supple, but the exercise has become hell itself since TPTB now dump their shit in my brain while Im doing yoga! By the time for final relaxation, I am just a lump of inert matter, unresponsive to everything, with no feeling in body at all. Which still beats waking up feeling like shit with a massive headache, and a tender, "bruised" head, with legs that don't want to walk or ams that want to lift. Once again, my eyes don't want to open and I can't bear any stimuli. While I am grateful that I dont have to go to a job feeling like this, I know I have to move. For one thing I need groceries. For another I desperately have to try to get off excess weight. Finally, if past experience proves accurate, by tomorrow I will be dysfunctional and unable to move at all.

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