Sunday, May 9, 2010


Depakote??? Woke up all drugged and somnolent, and have struggled all day. I think it is depakote--the only thing the B12 has mitigated is the constant angry mood, but I still am suffering from a constant headache, throbbing in head, and an inability to focus or be productive. As always when I am on psychotropic drugs that cocoon me from reality, it is especially hard to interact socially. I am autistic, and I need to have high energy in order to be able to relate interpersonally. My neigbors of over three years told me they are moving, and they have been truly excellent and appreciated neighbors, but in both encounters, I was too drugged and too autistic to express any feelings. Hopefully I'll see them again. I'm sure I will--they are moving close by, and I know that their cats will be roaming, and all I got to do, once I spot them, is to look for the loved, nurtured, and expanded yard and garden that I am willing to bet is a big reason why they are moving. The day hasn't been a total loss. Called my mother but she is sick--Warren is pissed at me. BFD. I could cheer on my team as they advanced in the finals (and as the my fave veep of all time said, "that is a BIG FUCKING DEAL". Still, all in all, I just didn't have my normal enthusiasm nor could I treadmill. Eyes are slit once again, but the hardest part is just feeling so low energy and drugged. Nothing for it. Got to keep plugging away.

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