Sunday, May 23, 2010

psychically raped and bludgeoned

psychically raped and bludgeoned by the stupid motherfuckers trying to use me. in incredible godawful, torturous pain and misery. eyes frozen, muscles so wracked, i cant believe the own anatomical disortions i feel with my body. nauseated, sick with migraine and head pain beyond belief as i look at a grotesquely disfigured and swollen face. nerve pain and muscle pain so bad that every instant is hell. well guess what motherfuckers? you just completely shut me down. i WILL NOT SHARE ONE MORE SCRAP OF EVIDENCE OR IMPRESSION I RECEIVE. NOT ONE. peiorid. think i wont. think again. the sons of bitches who are torturing me to the point of death to get me to channel. are going to create a world where it is better to be dead than to suffer as i suffer. dont believe me, do you motherfuckers. goddamned fucking opus dei jesuits never believed me, well gues what i keep my intentions. you have just sent me over the edge, you have killed the goose that lays the golden egg. now i have to go ot bed try to sleep in this terrible, pain.

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