Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good guys (the non Aryans and non Nazis) under attack

Good guys (the non Aryans and non Nazis) under attack big time, and that includes me. spent most of falling in out of sleep and that was a mercy . when i am awake i am in incredibele pain. too muchpressre on hips and back and even knees. but it is the hips and back that hurt most now. took a robaxin but i know it is the fluid pressure on joints not the spasms that really r killing me. dreamed that someone was pissed off at me because i interrupted a download. let me make this easy for you, goddamned nazis.. i dont care how much pain i am in, what kind of psychotronic abuse you do to my brain or what kind of brain wave state u induce, I am a woman of the spirit, and I will not cooperate with your agenda in any way. I may have your brain structure, but I dont have your lack of morals and soul. Im getting closer to understanding what u ar about and maybe that is why attack is so stron. dont know dont cre. i will never serve u, so you might as well kill me now. as long as i liv e i will fight your nazi racist asses and your autistic brains. (i think i figured out why you hate colored people--blacks and browns and aborigines so much--those r the ones u want to sacrifice to reptilians in exchange for a lil peace of your own). Well nothing is more torturing than a bad conscience so enjoy living with urs. I gotta live with this goddmaned pain, and fluid filled head and no hope in sight but with every breathe i take, I am praying for the good guys and it aint you.

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