Monday, May 31, 2010

Crying all Memorial Day

Crying all Memorial Day--nop doubt the jesuit satanists are rubbing their hands hinking im on the verge of some conversion--assholes have never known me, still dont. crying because of wasted life--wasted life in wars, wasted life in the Gulf, and most of all, my own wasted life--as I am too goddamned sick on psychotropic drugs to do anything. Cant read, write think, enjoy life or others. Cant clean house or focus. I dont know what they have me on now, but i am not only in severe pain but high as akite and not in physical reality at all. had to walk to grocery a couple of blocks away for tylenol pm. have to haave it. in too much pain at nite, and am out. it felt like it took hours to walk to store, not in reeality at all. wasted life while these fuckers rape my mind, destroy my body and violate my free will. id rather die fighting than living out thes hell.

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