Sunday, May 24, 2009

2:15 in the morning

2:15 in the morning and cant sleep because of the pain. Didnt want to take any more tylenol pm after a body worker told me my liver acupoint was severely stressed and congested. I figured it because I know as many tylenol im taking with 100proof vodka to try to get to sleep at nite cant make my liver too happy. but what is happy? Despite my best efforts at exercise and stretching my muscles are locking so much that soon i am going to be bent like an old woman and my stiff knees are going to be walking like rain man. These fuckers wont get it--I have an autistic brain and they are causing me to become more and more autistic whicyh is not a good thing to be. Then I look at my face and see the swollen lymph nodes and sinus cavities from all the pain and pressure of excess csf in my face and I understand why my very facial structure and dental bite is changing--and not for the better. Worse of all are the brain rushes--something going on neurologically--i remembver a symdrom aabout this but dont know it off the top of head. But it starts as a brain rush in the brain and causes my entire neurological system to spasm, so that my solar plexus literally jerks and my shoulders literally jerks and my legs literally jerks, and it is like receiving a torturous electrical shock keeping me awake to feel this never ending goddamned PAIN.

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