Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another gray day

Another gray day in May as I wake up and see the sky blanketed by the poison of the chemtrails that have destroyed Earth's once beautiful, blue sky, and now are diligently working to destroy our minds and free will, in essence, our very humanity. Once again, they are trying to manipulate my dreams, and once again, they failed. However, they have succeeded in making me sick with migraines, excess csf, excess fluid in my joints and knee caps, and a feeling of being so fucking wired that I can barely function. but as long as I can express myself, I want to say hell no. Hell no, I won't be one of your fucking sold out robots. I am a human being, and I would rather die an early death as a human being than live in the fucking miserable satanic hell that you are preparing with your chemtrails and brain implants. It hurts to keep my eyes ope, I want to write more, but I am too fucked up on their goddamned poison. My back hurts too muscles all locked . Hell of a day. I pray God for release. Get these evil demons out of power of our lives. Please.

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