Monday, May 11, 2009

Lithium over thank God

Lithium over thank God. I am still drugged but after the sheer hell of the last 11 days, it is relief. At least my eyes can open without pain. Unfortunately, the drugs have left my back in severe spasms which is real bad news for me as I no longer have a reliable yoga outlet. I wonder if I can set aside my deep unhappiness and frustration with my current gym to go to a yoga class today. I should. I already paid my membership in full, although I know that I will barely use it this month. Very soon I need to start shopping for another gym, and start the laborious process of trying out different yoga classes, but not today. My number one priority is cleaning my house. I am so sick of going into the kitchen and seeing dirty dishes. So, no matter how much I am dragging, I have to clean the kitchen. Tomorrow, I may not be able to drag myself out of bed. Slow, steady strain.

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