Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am in too much pain to sleep

I am in too much pain to sleep. The goddamned Sirians/Agartians have gone the screws on tight, and my muscles are all in spasm over whatever hell is being done to my body. I am getting more and more clear on what is going on, but I cannot stop the pain. Went to yoga today, and boy is my body messed up. Every single muscle is blocked, and in pain. At least my mind is clear, at least for right now. The latest forcefed influx of lithium caused me to gain two pounds--not bad for 11 days of the goddamned shit. I think I am being given mirapex as well, which prevented the typical lithium scenario-- literally a pound a day. Even so, two pounds for me, at 208 pounds, is huge. Already I cannot fit into my clothes. I am washing the new 2x shirts I bought by hand because I am afraid the washer dryer will shrink them, and I cannot find any clothes any larger without going to some kind of specialty shop. I was reading old medical reports of when I was at 175 (I was at 160 when all this goddamned drugging shit started). It seems so long ago. When I was a human being, and not some goddamned RNA experiment for luciferian aliens, an anti-Christ pope, and corrupted, morally bankrupt politicians.

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