Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rejoicing in my slavery

Rejoicing in my slavery--not because I like being a slave but because there is no way that I can escape it. Yet still I am free--free enough to exercise my freedom of will that says "no way will I EVER cooperate with the evil scum that wants to destroy this Earth, and have sold out their own people to do so." So all you Earth traitors are going to have to find some other patsy to induce schizophrenia in, so that they will channel the satanic new age shit of your alien allies. As for me, I remain sick as a dog on whatever psychotropic drug I am currently force fed (and I think there is an added element because I am suffering from severe nausea), but I remain steadfast in my committment. If I am so sick that all i can do is lay in bed, then my bed will become an altar of steady prayers for the good, and prayer for destruction of evil. As long as I can walk, I am going to be me, rejoicing in my goodness and the goodness of God, and the freedom of will that enables me to say FUCK YOU. I can imagine my captors dismay at my "manic depression" and hysteria". No you stupid fuckers, it is just me, exulting in my God-given freedom. No matter what you do to me, every ounce of my being is focused against you, and for the forces of good and God.

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