Friday, May 8, 2009

have to keep my mind moving

have to keep my mind moving no matter how sick i am. i just saw the national icon for mind control and realized that his unusually slow speech is not just a technique of NLP (tho he certainly is aware of and uses those), but it also is the result of a brain slowed to practically nil speed so that implants (or maybe in his case, since he is an eager participant, his own internal conflicts) can direct the language response. What it most definitely is not, is thoughtful. I have listened to many deeply thoughtful people, and while they may take their time pondering their response, once it starts it flows. I long for the truly brilliant and verbal leaders of the past (the last one was Clinton), but he has company. I long for the days of my own verbal fluency, but that hasn't happened in the last four years.
I heard a woman say that evil wants to influence yuour mind, but it can only do so, if the mind moves slowly. No wonder the fucking torture scientists have spent the last four years drugging me in their successful attempts to slow my mind. They can't "read" (thru implants) or control it any other way, and they have succeeded. My mind used to move lightning quick, and now it stutters and trips in incoherence and lack of connection. I guess that is why I have drugs in me now. So I must, no matter how sick I am, I must work to keep my mind moving as fast as possible, images flowing as quick as possible. God help me.

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