Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama lies. The United States DOES torture

Obama lies. The United States DOES torture--it would be nice if his concern for the well being of murderous terrorists extended to law abiding, God and neighbor loving citizens of his own adopted country, but it doesnt and I am proof. Racked by the most incredible severe brain pain and I know the purpose of it is to assert mind control and power on me. Tonite I expect the satanic evil pieces of shit who installed him into power to abduct me again. The terror done to my body (God can I please be waterboarded 266 times instead of having these goddamned implants by luciferian agents destroying my body and brain) has coaused the peculiar mind body disconect that I recognize as a precrursor to abduction. Fuck you assholes, enjoy your sadistic powertripping, get your chemical fix off of my terror and agonizing off the scale pain, but Im ready for you and your lies,

For those of you lucky enough not to be enslaved--stock up on magnets to try to disable their implants (they actually took the magnetic belt I bought--they work). Also, guns--war is coming--those who want to live free and in spiritual peace are going to have to fight. Trust me--fighting, suffering, and dying in battle is incomparably better than suffering in implanted slavery where sadists torture with aflick of a switch. Also read alternative medicine blogs. lots of good stuff out there, cant do me any good. I cant even get prescription meds from the pharmacy without poison on it. And pray--it is better to suffer and die in harmony with God's will than to give in to slavery and a slow half life devoid of dignity, freedom joy and peace.

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