Thursday, May 28, 2009

Limp as a rag

Limp as a rag. I feel like a kitten grabbed by a mongrel's mouth and shaken to an inch of my life before release. But at least its normal--it is the post migraine feeling. Then of course, there are ghe goddamned drugs which make the post-migraine malaise even more difficult. As I write, my eyes close. That tells me that I am full of the psychotropic drugs that shut down my body's ability to be in perceptual reality --pretty normal for me--I wake up nearly every morning like that. All I can do is pray to God to release me from captors. I have suffered from this drug hell for four years now. But I can't lay around feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday was supposed to be laundry day, and clean out the garbage bin day. House is a mess, and I have to try to get at least a lil bit of a handle on it. Just got to take it slow. Not in good shape. Unlike yesterday, which was a nonfucntional day, I am functional, but barely. I will have to tkae it slow.

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