Sunday, May 10, 2009

Figured out what the fuckers are doing to me

Figured out what the fuckers are doing to me--realized some time ago that all the torture I have experienced was directed at breaking down my mind into a schizophrenic split so that I can be one of their other sad sob stories of humanity whose life and mind they have destroyed, and channel their alien, extraterrestial propaganda, as filtered through by truly evil people--the Rockefellers at the top of the list, but not alone. So, should I break down and go schizophrenic, who should I be more like? That poor woman who channels the lies of the NWO/Obama camp or Sherry Shriner who fights against the evil with every means at her disposal? I understand now why these fuckers kept saying I was schizophrenic--even though I am not--they knew that they had put the split in my mind which they could then manipulate with extreme unrelenting pain, psychotropic drugs, and alien technology so that I would become schizophrenic. Once again, evil created a future against the free will of the individual, and even though I am not schizophrenic, I realize my mind cannot hold out much longer. They have indeed created me a schizoid, even if it is taking years to reach fruition, and they are in uncontainable glee because now their their mind control puppet is moving all of humanity towards slavery, and future is being realized all the time. I can't forget George Soros, saying of our economic destruction, "This is the culmination of my life's work." I wonder who is gloating over my destruction. I may be destroyed but I won't cooperate. I don't work for evil. Unlike the majority of America, I know (even if I no longer experience it) what it is to be in contact with the living God, and I am sorry but luciferian aliens and fallen angels just aren't in the same category. Not even close. Having said that I don't know what to do or how to fight. I am too sick with psychotropic drugs to do anything but lay in bed. mY house is a mess i am too sick to even clean it. I have nothing, absolutely nothing to give me hope.

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