Thursday, May 28, 2009

Struggling to persevere in health

Struggling to persevere in health with this new body work program I am doing that involves shaking the body (like the Shakers used to do). It looks stupid but I gotta say that it works. I am working out on my own hypothesis of why that is, but I am not ready to lay it out. I will just say that I am glad that sometimes I feel more alive, more like myself than others. Earlier today, I could even walk like a normal person, striding long and happy, for a brief while. Of course I came back in my house, sat in my electromagnetized chair and went to get up could barely walk, once more. Still, I have to say that it felt so good, even if just for a brief moment, to walk like a human being again. My legs are feeling very neuropathic again. I think I know why. I think the stupid fuckers who drug me up are preparing for another lithium or whatever psychotropic drug run--always hoping that trying it in another combination will work the magic trick so that I become the great saint that they see me as. No matter the source of their false projections and hopes for me, no amount of drugs will ever align me to their falsely repressive religion. But I can never express myself otherwise, in either writing or relationships, because the drugs always drug me down. Right now, the mind is pretty good, even though the body is all messed up with neuropathic legs and bloated belly (prostoglandins). Who knows what the damned Opus Dei zealots and their stupid sheeple have planned for me next?

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