Thursday, May 7, 2009


Torture--the one word used to describe my oppressed situation sounds so simple, no one word can ever delineate the hell i am goin thru. i read of jacquet molet being burned at the feet till the flesh slid off the bone. that is the kind of torture thisAFUCKING SATANIC PIG RATZINGER is doing to me. unlike bro jacques or sister joan of arc, ii know better than to recant. unlike them i know of a religious community in which human beings have rights and dignity, not like the medieval catholicism ratzinger wants to restore or the islam that the opposing evil faction bows to. nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHINBG can stop my hatred of the evil spirituality which is torturing me thru brain chemicals which make sme sick beyond belief. soon i will die, i almost did once before and i ve allready made up my mind not to fight it. you fucking pigs should let me go, because as long as i can breathe, u r my mortal enemy and i will fight uy. its alreadyu spinning out in head. jus ttoo goddamned sick to do anythin.

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