Friday, February 17, 2012

Adios to McGoohan Village

Adios to McGoohan Village--well nothing disturbs one's jailers so much as a vocal prisoner who dares to insist on his freedom, and so I will soon be removed from this bucolic surreal fantasy world. The programmers did take note of my previous complaint, and they added chem trails today--only thing I regret opening my mouth about, really. It was nice to see fluffy, white clouds in a blue sky, again.

I am sure that where I am going will be much less pleasant, and I will be denied access to the Internet, but I am ready. I have been incarcerated before, and while it certainly is hateful, living in this strange fantasy world, with shape shifting aliens and turbo charged vampires stepping into family roles, is even worse.

My flight leaves on Sunday, but I fully expect Men in Black to come bursting through the door any time. I am ready. I know that I will be free again, and hopefully in a radically different body than I now possess. As for me, I am going to sign off to read the book I have on my netbook laptop. It is about Mars--might as well learn something about the planet I am on. I don't expect anybody to be truthing me for a while.

I close with a prayer for all my readers, true family, and patriots all over the world. I hope to post again, but if I don't, I wish that each and every one is well, and no matter how dire the circumstances, remember that the struggle for freedom is worthy of all sacrifice, including the loss of freedom, incarceration. I know of what I speak--I have been here before--back then I was jailed for insisting on my right to sexual freedom; now I will be jailed for insisting on my right for spiritual freedom. What a fitting close to end this blog, to once again, demonstrate how intertwined and mutually supportive those two elements are. Of course, I like epilogues and p.s's, so hopefully I can squeeze out a couple of more posts.

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