Monday, February 13, 2012

Powered up again--

Powered up again--leading to the inevitable "what if" questions and tweaking, that normally do BEFORE I post. I was in a hurry, both researching and writing the last post, but felt like a couple of things were missing. The concerns about the Hollywood KaBal are too extensive to detail here, but WHAT IF, what if, it was NOT O.J. Simpson who killed Nicole. What if it were Robert Kardashian--a cuckold enraged that O.J. had seduced and impregnated his wife with child? For that matter, it could have been someone else, someone with more professional expertise in the commission of murder. The occult are full of those contract for hire types.

I am just throwing up a huge "what if". Robert Kardashian is long dead, so of course, he would be a "natural" to take the fall. I don't feel qualified to go too deep into this, because I never paid any attention to the OJ Simpson trial. I do not understand the public's fascination with criminals and trials and punishments. The only way I would pay close attention to a trial is if there was something of interest that really piqued my attention--and crimes of passion do not fall into that category.

There are pros and cons to this "What if?". Cons--I truly believe that OJ Simpson has a serious character disorder, but there are a lot of self-centered men with aggressive, and even violent impulses who are not murderers. So much of what the very little I know about Simpson is about his wife beating, and his post-arrest behavior. But if he had been targeted by the occult, he could have felt paranoid and persecuted, and just shut down, intensifying an impression of guilt.

For you see, even as I write this, I learn more and more. What if OJ were not involved in the occult, but totally victimized by the occult. For you see, the occult was deeply involved in the murder of Nicole AND Ron Goldman. For you see, looking at the sparse evidence I have had time to check out, it was Ron Goldman, who was the primary victim. Nicole got roped into the situation when her aunt left her glasses at the restaurant. Very possible hypothesis--someone took auntie's glasses at the restaurant, threw them in a gutter, and got Nicole involved in the mix, because HER DEATH WAS NEEDED TO SATISFY MOTIVE IN THE FRAMING OF OJ SIMPSON.

So yes, Robert Kardashian was involved in the occult. So were the Goldman family---oh, and by the way, how related are they to the Goldman family which dirty deals in literally trillions on Wall ST? Ron Goldman was born in Chicago (you know, same old story), he went to Pierce College in L.A. (same old story--Pierce is an occult name associated with the Bush clan and the murder of young Camden Pierce). From what I can see, Pierce is a feeder college which has high success rate at getting its alumni into UC four year colleges. What if it is a recruiting station for the occult, and those who "earn their stripes" doing grunt level dirty work, are guaranteed prime positions in elite California schools and professions--especially the acting and celebrity professions. What if, in the process of "earning his stripes" Goldman really pissed off some high level Hollywood/Armenian occult types? Or maybe it was just someone in his extended family.

Of this I can be sure, however. Ron Goldman and his father have unmistakable features of the virally afflicted cranium and face. Ron never had an opportunity to start his "Ankh" restaurant, and maybe that dream doomed him as well. The Ankh very well could be a symbol for one of the factions, the Enki faction, originating in ancient Mesopotomia, and Hollywood just could not abide that.

I don't have time to investigate all of this right now, but someone clearly needs to do so, because if this "What if" bears out, OJ is falsely imprisoned, because everyone, including me, should be able to concede that the ultra-stiff penalty that he received in Las Vegas, was really to satisfy the public's sense that OJ had gotten away with murder.

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