Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So fucked up on psychotropics

So fucked up on psychotropics that I am going out of my fucking mind. Want to rage, curse, throw things, yell at the top of my lungs against the spider parasite set, "Black Cat" (vampire?) faction, the goddamned Opus Dei Faction 3 (they must be planning something--their (hard core) racist white boy, Sean Hannity has been gone for two days, and that is rare, and the stupidass, motherfucking freemasons and Nazis (hope they are a little weaker, but can't be sure), are all making my life sheer hell with all the implants and drugs.

All I can do is hold on, and smoke the occasional cigarette. Apparently, I agreed to this set up, since all the above factions are so goddamned stupid that they actually think they can apply enough pressure, pain and suffering to get me to change my mind and serve their evil, hating asses. Well, I have been duped by the MACHINE and reptiles many times, but it is over now---I just have to hold on until the upcoming fracas clears up. That could be an entire month away. In the meantime, I am so nauseated, and suffer from severe headaches, while my body disappears into one of the goddamned Faction 3 girl-vampire looks.

I think I know what is going on--but there has been so much emotional information overload, I have not wanted to write about it. Maybe tomorrow. Now I have to try to sleep with this fucking drug making me fucking crazy.

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