Friday, February 3, 2012

I had an eventful last night and morning

I had an eventful last night and morning, but I am only going to talk about the former, because the latter is intensely personal, and deserves an entire post to itself one of these days whenever I decide to write on it. I really cannot offer much light on what happened last night, because I can barely remember anything. However, I woke up so badly hurt that I could hardly move. My whole left side felt like it had been kicked in from the front, and my hips, pelvis and lower back were so misaligned that I spent the first three hours of the morning, just trying to get them into a bearable position.
With some (a lot) of help from one of my psychic neighbors, I finally succeeded.

So, I gather that there was a big battle last night, and I took quite a beating. I believe that there may have been nano-tech robots involved, and that Steve Appleton's death was related. Steve Appleton was a CEO of Micron computers, and I think had been involved in the nano tech community as well. Funny thing about Mr. Appleton--his Wiki bio had no month or day of his birthdate--just a year. I use Wiki a lot, and I have never seen a year only format for a contemporary personage displayed before. I wonder if one of my recent posts caused a lot of birthdates of January 17th and March 14th, to get scrubbed (LOL). This is why I try not to share everything I know, but sometimes, it is important...

Anyway, this Appleton character fit the profile of a genetically engineered/possible hybrid from the Martian colony. Since he is deceased, there is no use going any deeper than that. I did find it interesting, however, that Micron politics had booted out his predecessor, James Parkinson, who went on to work for a nanotech company. I couldn't find anything on him. However, I hit paydirt when I did a search on the board member that fired Parkinson and hired Appleton, in a controversial showdown. That board member was J.R. Simplot--very much a MACHINE-RA controlled puppet and family. J.R. is now deceased, but the MACHINE manipulated faces/craniums continue in his children--you can see their photos on the Board of Directors link at the company web site. Another interesting fact about the Simplot family is that they are a huge agribusiness corporation, and among other yucky sounding products, they manufacture ammonium sulfate. That has been in the news a lot lately--it is also called "pink slime", and McDonald's has finally agreed to remove it from their meat.

Now, what in the world is ammonium sulfate doing in food? Well, apart from making the Simplot family very wealthy, I think its only purpose is to feed the nascent nano virus that is injected into humans via vaccinations, and activated by the pollution of our Earth and chem trails. However, the fact that pink slime has been discredited tells me that law enforcement/the DOJ is one step ahead of me on this one. That is good, because it also means that they are monitoring Simplot's large-scale commercial operations for possible weapons and sabotage. Because Indianapolis is a city with occult ties (pyramids, large Mason temple, etc), it is important that every bag of fries that unloads into the Superbowl Lucas Field, is scrutinized. I spent most of my research time today trying to see any other strong indicators of a nasty terrorist attack on the Super Bowl, but could not. Still, I will be hypervigilant all day tomorrow.

However, getting back to last night--in addition to fighting off droid bots, I think that kissed a woman--the same turbo charged human that I wrote about in a previous post. I would use her name, but I honestly don't know it. I do know that she been astrally present and intervening in my life for some years now. The vulnerability to being a super, turbo charged human, or one of the advanced aliens for that matter, is that it is so easy for sneaky and/or evil beings/factions to flip a switch in the brain, and mind-control someone. I think that is what happened to the Sirian last night who tried to murder me. I think somebody flipped a switch in her brain and caused her to do something she would normally not do. I can't be sure, but I think they also did it to P.F. (psychic friend), and that they may have been trying to get her to transport to a frequency address where the Nazis were waiting.

All I can say for sure is that last night, I got a really bad energetic control pattern in my own brain. I never sleep in my bed, because it has been energized with a frequency that my body literally can't stand. However, last night, for the first time in weeks, I decided to sleep in my bed while I listened to an online radio program, hosted by Kerry Cassidy, with an outstanding guest list. However, the frequency amped me up so much that I could not listen to a thing, and I was angry and spastic from the vibes. After about a half-hour, I was going out of my mind, and was hooked into an energy pattern that I knew was evil. I could "smell" the evil greys that I always smell when I am abducted by the Vatican sect of the Nazis, and I knew that the frequency that had been placed in my bed was an attempt to abduct me, and not only me, but also Sirian alien types and their associates--which would include P.F.

Well, it took a while, but I kicked out the energetic programming. I did it by banging on a child's drum that I have, while listening to music. The key is to disrupt the regular rhythmic patterns that the brain waves have hooked into. I probably sound like a D- drummer, but the point is NOT to drum in synch with the music, but to try to creatively counterpoint it, no matter how inexpertly, so that the brain gets two clashing rhythms going, which then frees it from one track, frequency brain wave that the MACHINE uses to control.

Now, it is very possible that whoever placed the energy activator in my bed thought that it was a POSITIVE device and destination. However, because my brain is not so crystalline as these super, turbo-charged aliens and "galactic humans", I don't switch as easily. You see, I have decided that these Sirians are like the genies from Arabian lore. Yes, they are advanced, super power beings, capable of manipulating 3D matter at will, but they are completely at the mercy of anyone who finds their housing, the "lamp", and rubs on it. Now, it is not a lamp that is able to manipulate these crystalline brains so easily--it is, I think, a computer code, or maybe a computer gadget, and I think they are extremely rare to find AND difficult to program.

I wonder if that is why the Soul Train host was killed--was he in possession of one? And if it changed hands, who has it now? Mr. Obama, or maybe one of his power handlers? I do not mean to suggest that these "genies" are "robots" who can be programmed with a push of a few buttons. It is actually a very sophisticated and complicated process, which involves hacking into and monitoring the brains of the individuals involved, especially those with native (non-crystalline) human brains. That is why it is so important that occult societies subject their children to such horrific and traumatic abuse--they are molding the mind into frequency and wave patterns that they then can control and manipulate. I also think that various neuro-biological chemicals, such as in the food one eats, the water one drinks, or the air one breaths, can set up a brain to conform to such a molding as well

This is why it is SO important that I stay free and clear of overt identification with any faction right now. Yes, I know which way I am leaning, and am aware of my own shortcomings that make it difficult for me to fit into a social grouping, but I just feel that this deceptive flipping is not yet done, and I have to be in a position where I am free to both recognize and respond to this, however unconsciously.

I am working towards a win-win situation for all, but until I know what REALLY is the truth, I cannot commit to any faction or side. I have to stay a solo agent. That does not mean that I don't recognize and appreciate my allies and friends. I am not a flirt--I don't kiss anyone unless I really mean it. However, this topsy-turvy state of affairs, with constantly changing deceptions is not yet over, and I seem to have been called to be the one who cuts through all the tangle of lies and lost history, in order to arrive at a clear vista.

This is slow and laborious. I read one chapter of Farrell's book, and the insights started coming so fast and furious that I haven't looked at it, since. I am constantly distracted, worrying about the latest terrorist plot the KaBal is plotting, and on top of everything else, I have to deal with my own poor health and personal issues. Maybe tomorrow I will write about those, but I somehow think, that once again, I will be going off on a completely fresh research trail. What can I say? Duty calls.

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