Saturday, February 18, 2012

This astral realm business,

This astral realm business, baby, it ain't beans. I figured out what the "evil spirit" I have been feeling is--it is some "go-daddy reptile", all beaming proud to be sucking out the vitality and energy of a human hermaphrodite queen. I've got proof--not only can I feel the repulsive thing latch on to my sacrum, leaving so blinded with headaches and barely able to move, but smoking a couple of cigarettes immediately alleviated the distress I was in. David Icke has written that some highly perceptive psychics can literally see reptiles clinging to the human sacrum, draining us of real energy, with a straw-like thingey. I can't see them, but I sure can feel them. I know now that the nurse who came, when I first felt the presence of the evil spirit, was responsible for implanting me with some kind of device that makes it easier for the reptile to get at me. Then they start manipulating my brain quanta with the data they collected from my genuine (if astral) encounter with PF, and they just sit back and feast on the chemicals released by my brain's sexual arousal.

How much more predatory and repulsive can you get? But I know now, that such has been the lot of humanity, ever since the Fall. It is just that the reptiles were picky about whom they chose. They liked those with "royal" or Sirian blood. The story of our quadrant of the universe is one of humiliating defeats, and betrayals. These alien "space brothers" haven't been uniformly wise and benevolent shepherds of humanity. They were looking to find a scapegoat to save their own skins, and we primate humans, with a little genetic tinkering did nicely. So the various factions of Sirians made alliances with various factions of reptiles, and thus we have Factions 1, 2, and 3.

Now, the great secret of the occult is that the initiated adepts know that the source of their power and knowledge comes from this alliance with the reptiles (I think a very few occultists like the Jewish Qabbalists may have access to the tradition of knowledge but not the alliances). By the time, the aspiring occultist reaches high levels of initiation, he is too heavily compromised to return to innocence. Sooner or later, the novice himself must submit to personal slavery by the reptiles, allowing the reptiles to feed from their sacrum, or even to "possess" their bodies as shape shifters. Reptiles enjoy the sensations of the third dimension, but they cannot experience it, except by taking possession of someone's body.

Now, the entire story of royalty, no matter the heritage or lineage, is one of dysfunction, anger, and even insanity. It all makes sense now, why history teaches us of how kings and queens throw tantrums and power fits. They were/are among the most powerless people on Earth. The peasant eating his tortillas and beans during the work week, and enjoying a six pack and barbecue on the weekends has it better than the high ranking slaves of the reptiles. I know, because I have felt it--reptilian possession and/or predatory feeding puts one in the foulest of moods. It messes with the brain chemicals and blood sugar, making one angry, and even raging--oh, and let's not forget about the hypersexuality.

Knowing this, it is amazing that there have true leaders found in the kings and queens of the world, but it just is testament to the resilience of the human spirit which is schooled in genuine morality. As the royal bloodlines dimmed in power with the advent of democratic government, the reptiles created an alternative line of "royalty" from which to feed--the Hollywood celebrity--and I would submit that it is not flashing light bulbs that cause the kind of self-centered mood swings and narcissistic behavior so prevalent among them, but rather, their suffering from the debilitating effects of the reptilian predation.

You see, in the end, it doesn't matter the means by which one becomes enslaved to the reptiles--whether by the spiders, the virus, the MACHINE, or by implants, whether by complete victimization (such as I have endured for years), or with some kind of acknowledged fealty to the demands of the reptilian and/or MACHINE-RA occult. The latter may give some one a degree of control over their suffering, which they often gladly accept, in return for power or riches or fame, but in the long run, slavery is a miserable condition, which any free and sovereign person would reject out of hand.

I may be free only in memory and aspiration, but I still claim my human birthright. Thus, I do not want anything to do with any of the factions. Apparently, I gave unconscious (astral) assent to Faction 2, in order to find safe haven from Earth, and now I am miserable. There is absolutely no cessation of the suffering I endure from the viral downloads, and being genitally and bodily mutilated at the hands of an alien faction really pisses me off, though not as much as some fucking numbskull idea of feeding my brain fantasies in order to feed off my sexual arousal.

I don't know why I consented to go to Faction 2--was this the only way I could continue to work in the astral realms? Is mind rape and violation less humiliating than the nightly anal rapes I was enduring? I don't know, but I can say this with absolute certitude. I am grateful for the dubious "sanctuary" offered, but incarceration might be more in keeping with my true state of affairs, because I will NEVER enter the astral realm of Faction 2. I already experienced it, and it is hateful and soul destroying--which is why all the F2/Templar people I have encountered have always creeped me out. They remind me of pedophiles---beings who have sold out their own manhood and womanhood, allowing themselves to be victimized, while they in turn, seek other innocent victims they can turn to prey, so as to relieve their own suffering. That is why they love it when I am the immature girl child in the astral realm. They cannot handle real women, because they themselves live in, and are motivated by, a fantasy world, which keeps them infantile...and neuro-chemically "cumming" right into the reptiles' mouths. Such a future is not for me, and I think I was duped in my sleep, and I think my twin sisters had something to do with that, for they were the ones who were shaking me down, telling me that I couldn't bring "money" to the astral realm. They are my immediate kin, and I feel something for them, but no, I do not want to share their fate. I have much more respect for, and affinity with PF, who has done so much of the hard work of individuation and her own human freedom. I am just worried that my own actions and choices may have placed her in danger. I know that she has spent years and decades of her life as a slave. I take full responsibility for my choices, but what if I really messed up her life--because she trusted in me? Heavy thoughts for a heavy heart and head.

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