Saturday, February 4, 2012

I won't be enjoying the Super Bowl tomorrow

I won't be enjoying the Super Bowl tomorrow. Since it comes only once a year, I had planned to watch at least the first half (its no use watching the second half, because I already know which team is fixed to win). So, I went out to buy myself a little liquid cheer to help root on my favorite team, but EVERYWHERE I went, I was stalked by a whole assortment of occult and/or security types--vampire Sirians, long haired Amon RAites, preppy, anal-retentive, hard-eyed Satanists, seemingly friendly, buzz-cut blonde Nazis, and shape-shifters. FUCK THEM ALL!!!! Now, understand one thing--I made over a dozen stops, trying to buy a six pack of beer or get a carry out sandwich to eat. Most places, the goddamned carrion were literally parked outside, waiting for me to exit! So, I forgot about buying beer; after all I don't need to drink it to live. I do need to eat, though, and the food I bought at two separate places were contaminated with the goddamned virus that I hate so much--you know the one that makes me angry, aggressive, and autistic. I ate a half of a Subway sandwich, and the smell of the contaminated vegetable oil was overpowering. It has been in the cooking oil that I use at home, as well. It was not there for the first couple of weeks of use, so that means somebody entered my house and tampered with it. It probably is why my stomach has been hurting all day. Right now, after eating the sub, my stomach is tore apart. I feel like the character in the James Bond movie who drank a quart of motor oil to try to save his villainous life from thirst. Whatever nano technology they are putting into the oil is tearing up my stomach. I have to eat crackers to get rid of the taste in my mouth, but nothing gets rid of the smell that hangs around in my kitchen after cooking with it.

Can't you occult predators just give me a damned shot and get the shit over with? I am tired of my food being contaminated. Worst of all, I am out of groceries--but was waiting until next week to shop. DAMNED, I hate it when my own stupidity makes my life harder, but I suppose I would really be pissed if I came home and found everything contaminated.

I have had a massive headache all day, and now, on to of that I have a stomachache. The only good news is that I think the rest of the country can watch the Super Bowl in peace--spent all day researching likely threats, and while my inability to concentrate resulted in an unsatisfactory stalemate (at least to my perfectionist mind) at resolving the issues, at least I am confident that there won't be any major meltdowns tomorrow--except in the bars of the city of the losing team.

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