Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part II, and walking it back.

Part II, and walking it back...Well, I return to finish the post, but have to say that I am being victimized by elaborate hoaxes. If I told you the extent to which these shape shifting Sirians are going to deceive me, you would not believe it. So, I am just going to stay tightly focused on my small world, and that means admitting that I have been duped. I don't think that there was any UFO crash in SC--I just don't see any other corroborating evidence, except for a very small number of posts on off beat sites. The home I am in, is tightly controlled by the Faction 3/Vatican Amon RA clique. There is no doubt that they are "feeding me" stories and disinformation, so it is going to be hard to determine what really is going on. I will do the best I can. Meanwhile, everything I write is going to be written with a caveat: Reader beware...For all I know--phony postings are going up in my name. I have seen the proof that my postings are being tampered with. Who knows what these bastards are throwing out there under my pen name...

Another item that needs to be walked back is my fear re: my unborn genetic child. I really do believe that child is genetically mine, and have thought so for months. However, the recent email sent to my inbox today, has all the markings of a hoax, and I think it likely that I was set up. However, without question, my brain is running interference within itself, as if another being is semi-successful at hacking into it. I have felt this way before---again it was the Vatican/F3 wing that had my brain getting scrambled saying and writing statements that were the direct opposite of what I wished to convey. It is going to be an unclear time. I will just have to do the best that I can. For all those who read this, just know that I remain mentally strong, just so damned tired of all this stupid shit, but it ain't over.

Other items that show that Faction 3 pulled off a major reversal against the patriots. There are nearly 536 dead inmates from a Honduras prison. They were murdered. That fire was set deliberately. Why? Because Honduras is where Barry fronted for the Bush KaBal family, and stole hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars using shady banking practices. There was only a handful of men who needed to be killed to shut them up, or punish them. But to the KaBal, human life is worthless. What does it matter if you kill 350 men, just so long as you make sure that you get the 2 or 3 you really were after.

Then there was the story of the Boeing 787 "dreamliner", making a sky drawing. Actually what Boeing (a KaBal company) really did, was lay down a permanently sticky "chemtrail", the purpose of which was to lay down a dampening barrier so that communication in the astral realm between patriot psychics and friendly spacecraft, would be greatly hindered.

There is one more that I cannot remember--oh well, I will post it when I can. I am going to keep things direct and simple for right now. God knows when this hell will end.

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