Sunday, February 19, 2012

Doing the math

Doing the math--and uncovering all kinds of secret info in the process. I am killing time on this Sunday, as I wait for time to pass, so I can be on my way to my next destination. I am in severe pain, so there is not much I can do, so I started doing math in my head.

First of all, 2012 and the Vatican. The recent addition of 22 cardinals to the college of red hats, indicates that the KaBal bishops (you know, F3--the ones making my life hell), feel comfortable enough with the numbers to get rid of Ratzinger's clone, and place a new bishop on the throne. This bishop is to be the final bishop, and I think I know who is the lucky guy--Archbishop Dolan, newly elected cardinal. Of course, he is a KaBalist, but of the luciferian, MACHINE-RA type, not the hard core satanist, reptilian type as was Ratzinger (he may already be dead, but maybe His Malevolence is somewhere trying to augment the dominion of Draco, and contributing to my misery.

Anyway, what Dolan has going for him, is that he seems like a genial, charismatic, likable guy. I am sure that he knows the fate of Peter the Roman, and the city of Rome, as foreordained by the KaBal to which he belongs, but some people will do anything to get into the history books. No doubt, they will play him as some great saint, and maybe he has even been told that he won't die, but a great UFO from the sky will swoop down and save him at the last minute, so he can go to "Ascenscion" (ha ha--slavery in exile, used to lure bait for the reptiles, UNTIL the reptiles turn on them). I don't stress too much about the Vatican--the institution is doomed; however for Catholics and citizens of Rome, the above post is for you--best wishes in altering the outcome--and I mean it. I would rather see the institution peter out and collapse of its own dead weight in due time, than blow up in a nuclear blast, killing millions of innocents.

So, now on to more personal math--my turbo-charged twin sisters, born of the occult, probably on Mars. With a little bit of help, I have figured out their birthdates, and can make the math work. My dad entered the service when he was 17, and got out when he was 20 (he told us kids the age that he entered--it may even have been 16, and that he did a 3 year stint). So, at the latest, he got out of the service in 1958, which makes sense, because on my birth certificate, both my parents have their ages listed as 24, which makes their birthdate, 1938.

After the service, my father made his way to San Francisco, where he met my mother, who was attending a special International school for foreign students. So, here is where the plot gets thicker. My dad DID agree to work for the KaBal, while in the service. Maybe he bargained for an early discharge, or perhaps, just an honorable one (by his own account, my dad was a hellraiser in the service). However, the KaBal's plans for genetic experimentation were already in motion, and he had agreed, at least, to what little they had told him. They probably told him to date and marry someone from the International school, WHICH WAS A CIA RECRUITING PROGRAM, as were so many international programs at the time. No doubt, they drew my mother's blood and typed her DNA, and mom and dad were set up. Back in the good old days, the genetic experimentation allowed for personal preferences, and so it was a natural courtship and marriage. However, the birth of my eldest twin sisters was not. I do not know if they were born here on Earth, or if they were removed from the womb and transplanted to Mars. However, in either case, my parents knew what was going on, and I think they may have been dismayed by the loss of their first borns, so they moved on. Whether they hooked up with another faction, or if they were just led to another occult hot spot, Detroit, I do not know, but the occult powers on Mars were impressed enough with my older sisters (probably born in 1960, that they advanced the experiments further. I am suspecting that I have yet another birth sibling, born later in 1961, who is more like the "doppelganger" or "shadow" of the family heritage, and especially me, but I just throw that out there--I need to think on it some more. Then, came my twin sister and myself--deliberately separated in the womb and reared in different environments, and my natural male identity was corrupted to fit the profile of a reptile, hermaphroditic queen.

My sister was born later than I. Remember, a couple of posts ago, I wondered how a developing fetus in the womb, was able to receive the emotional support and nurturing necessary to thrive, and postulated that somehow, the DNA genetic connections, between mother and child, even across cosmic expanse was necessary for this? Well, the math confirms this hypothesis.

PF had to have been removed from the womb from between 2-3 months. She would have needed to be viable enough to survive in some high-tech incubator, but the removal would have had to happen before I got the dose of testosterone that would begin the process of turning me from a generic embryo, to a developing male fetus. The date for the onset of testosterone in the womb is between 2-3 months. If you split it right down the middle, and postulate that we were conceived in the third week of Oct, 10 weeks later, would be around the first week of February, but after PF was removed from the womb, she was put in stasis. Why? Because a child does need that connection with the mother, even if they are millions of miles away, and my mother would have been completely focused on me, because I was the living, kicking being that she felt every single day--the fetus, millions of miles away would have felt left out. However, after my birth in late July, the fetus, PF would have been removed from stasis and allowed to develop. At that point, my mother would have been full of warm and fuzzy feelings towards her newborn, but not so exclusively focused on me, as she would have been in the womb.

So I counted the weeks from my birth date to my dream inspired insight of PF's birth date on 2/3, and what I discovered was that it was exactly a 6 1/2 month difference. When I add the 2 1/2 month stint that we spent in the womb together, I come up with 9 months. Voila. Of course, the other option is that the technology for this kind of birth did not yet exist on Mars, and that my mom might have been implanted again, after my birth. Somehow though, I don't think so. These genetic scientists were trying hard to form "alienated", not quite human children, and the experience in the maternal womb is what separates the soul from any previous memory archetypes or incarnations. Instead, a normal child becomes completely attuned to the mother's world and sense impressions, while incubated babies, are able less able to separate from the cosmic ether and history, so to speak.

No matter what, my parents were/are more implicated in the whole occult program than I previously believed. I still think that some point, my Dad got us the hell away from that evil influence, but you just don't escape a program like that, and we Terran siblings have been tracked every step of the way. Therefore, as I have said before, it is a blessing in disguise, that my autism made me so neurotic, that I was able to pass under the radar for most of my early life, but then again, maybe not.

PF seems to have been immersed in evil from her earliest years, and yet somehow she broke free, but she is a female with feminine gifts of resiliency and flexibility, and thus able to bounce back from the horror and humiliation of slavery much better than I, a male, with a man's more vulnerable and insecure psyche and ego, can.

Is it the fact that she has broken free of her programming, while my twin sisters have not, the reason behind their betrayal of us? Or do they just live in a little emotionally symbiotic cocoon, forced on them from their earliest impressions by their unnatural birth. Twins DO have a profoundly intense and special bond between them, and while PF was groomed to be a slave, the twins may have been the "iconic ideal fantasy feminine", "celibate" (depending on your definition), brides of MACHINE-RA. This, of course, would be the exact experience which Isis endured for years-- virtual reality lover to a MACHINE-RA, in order to alleviate the suffering of Egyptian humanity, the circuits of which enjoyed the sensation of suffering human beings--and kept IT's allies, the reptiles, thrilled. Isis knew, and constantly mourned that she was separated from her husband, and the real experience of love and sex, but it is possible that an immature childish, but loving, bond between the twins keeps the
twins from realizing the full horror of their slavery, and the ramifications of their compliant slavery to the MACHINE.

Wow, there is so much evil I am personally enmeshed in, and all I try to do is survive, but humanity will never be free until the Gordion knot of my family's victimization by the occult is undone.

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