Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready for a really incredible revelation?

Ready for a really incredible revelation? I'm a father--a proud father, an excited and happy father, but very frustrated father. Now, readers of this blog will know that my eggs were stolen, and I found out that I was the "mother" of multiple human/alien hybrid children, born on Mars. However, the evolutionary life force on this planet took a major leap forward on Feb 24th, when I became the father of four children, conceived here on 3D Terra, but born in the astral 5D realm. I call myself a "father", because the children were conceived and born within 24 hours, after an intense bout of psychic sex with PF. No, I haven't lost my marbles or flipped to the MACHINE's delusions. It really happened, although I no longer think the term, "psychic sex" is sufficient. Instead, I prefer the term, "spiritual sex". Actually, my personal, favorite phrase for what is happening is "Quantum entanglement".

Now, because we live in a 3D world, sexual "quantam entanglement" involves physical conjugation of two bodies--sloppy, messy, wet, and very, very physical. However, as I pointed out in a recent post, what is happening between PF and I is on an energetic level, that is a spiritual level. Yes, I can literally feel her energetic body against mine, and I definitely have a 3D sexual response.

However, I had NO conscious idea that I could conceive a child through energetic, "spiritual" sex. So, when I came home after an afternoon of chores, and immediately felt PF's intensely emotionally agitated presence, I tried to figure out what was going on, with not much luck. So, finally I said that I would try to take a nap--which is what I do, when I feel like I need to be in the astral realm. Consciously I may not know what is going on, but unconsciously I have success nearly always. However, I decided to do a quick perusal of the web, before heading to sleep, just in case there was something I needed to think about while falling asleep--you know, something like a major attack on Iran, or a massive New Madrid earthquake.

Instead, I saw the unmistakable clues that informed me that what I had thought was a metaphorical dream from the night before had happened literally. I had woken up from a dream in which I stood there, wearing a pair of heavy laced-up work boots, kind of stunned and shell shocked, while someone told me, "Congratulations, you are a father now".

As soon as this conscious realization hit, I knew it was true, and so I hustled back out to engage in psychic conversation with PF. I suppose an onlooker would have found it comic, because I really had no idea what had happened, and was engaging the matter on completely 3D terms, assuming first of all, that I somehow had gotten her pregnant, and was very agitated about it. Then of course, my rational mind was trying to figure it all out--how could this have happened?

My biggest fear was that the Vatican satanist contingent had one or two of my eggs, had created a viable fetus and placed it within PF's womb. You see, I know that the Vatican satanists have one or a few of my eggs. I remember the morning, when I woke up sore, cramping, and doubled over, with tears streaming down my cheeks, and the realization struck me that satanists had been busy scraping out whatever stray egg or two, that they could find, because they had belatedly realized the value of my ova, which already had been removed during anesthetized surgery. A few months later, when Ratzinger visited Scotland, I intuitively knew that my stolen ova was the reason for the visit, and that Ratzinger was striking an alliance with the highest ranking Scottish freemason and/or secessionist Merovingian. In short, patriarch that he is, he was asking for permission to use my Scot-heritaged DNA to serve the reptilian Vatican agenda by conceiving a monster child using my own ova. Of course, since I am regarded as a "woman", by these patriarchal pricks, my own body, ova, preferences, free will and choice, have absolutely no bearing on, or relevance to the matter. It was an agreement, a "contract" between two highly evil representatives of Satan (the reptilian empire) Itself--and thus it satisfied their idea of justice and legal propriety.

So, I was extremely worried that, maybe the Vatican had managed to implant such an embryo withing PF's body. That was a dumb idea of course, because PF is fully aware and in free possession of her own self in the astral realm, unlike me, who gets yanked around from one abusive faction and set to another. So, it was a difficult conversation, but with the help of my intuition, I figured out that I had twins (wrong--it was quadruplets), and that somehow, they had been kidnapped by evil entities. So that night, in my sleep, in the astral realm, PF (she insisted on going) and I went looking for our babies.

In the dream, which is the only way that I can remember what happened, we found the four babies--they were being held by MACHINE "skin jobs" (for those familiar with Battlestar Galactica). I was an angry father, out to regain and protect my children, and I literally melted the skin off one "terminator" cyborg, grabbed up our babies, told PF to "run", and told the people in the waiting room to call the police--the entire operation was a fraud.

Well, the babies got back okay, and having seen them in the astral realm for a couple or three nights now, I can assure you, that they are not "monster" children at all. Like other hybrid children I have seen, they are unusually precocious and bright. They also do not have an infancy/toddler stage--but move right into the 3-4 year old stage. You see, hybrid children are born with their connection to the astral realm, or "deep unconscious" intact, fully awake and fully alert. They don't need to be slowly weaned away from it by long periods of sleep and physical helplessness, as do 3D children.

One of the boys is like me, autistic, and was having a little bit of trouble adapting to the outer (4 or 5 dimension) reality. His siblings were all verbal and self-expressive, while he was kind of zoned out and non-verbal. Because I am autistic, I KNOW how his mind tracks and moves, and wanted to spend some time with him, so that I could engage his mind, so that he could move past his noticeable developmental tardiness. Apparently, PF and I tried to take him outside for a walk (there is no way, in my astrally crippled self that I could change dimensions with him), so I could engage his brain and help him over his developmental hump. It didn't go over well with his care-givers. However, I was shocked to learn later that I had been accused of physically assaulting the care giver/nursery nurse. I would never do such a thing, and though I think these imaging time displays, can be manipulated, I would submit to anyone checking out my own unconsciousness or that of PF's.

I will say that, as usual, I was right. Yesterday, the boy (don't know his name) was brought in my proximity--yes, I can feel when my own children are present, even if I can't see. This paternal tenderness just rises up from within me, and goes outside myself. Anyway, PF told me to play the "toddler's tunes" station on the internet radio--a station I had tuned into once to make a point. They actually play some good music, although after three hours of listening to the likes of "This Old Man" and "Cookie Monste"r singalongs, I was pretty fried. However, I got the impression from PF, that it had worked, which I knew it would, because autistics (especially me), are highly responsive to music.

Now, it is very frustrating for an astrally crippled man like myself, to have hybrid children, and to only be able to see them at night in my dreams. I also have been dealing with other deeply emotional issues about the KaBal's interference in my family's life. As I mentioned before, wading through my own personal emotions is extremely difficult, with a much higher realization curve than usual for me, so I have been struggling to come to grips with facts, feelings, truths, etc, since I don't like to write anything down, until I am confident in my assessment.

However, it is clear to me that the dimensions of the interference and abuse that my extended family is greater that I had originally presumed, and I have been slogging through the miasma to get clarity and perspective on such issues as that I have a genetic hybrid daughter who was born in the 1980's, or that my sister was murdered, yes murdered, for her ova, and while clinically dead, was hooked into the unborn minds of her incubator-bred, multiple daughters. Good old MACHINE-RA--never a clue as to the overwhelming essential need of humans--soul contact. I have identified quite a few of my sister's children through Facebook, and it is clear to my perceptive eye that most have deep psychological pain, while some have been bred to be outright sex slaves.

Now, this is really horrific stuff, but I, always striving to be honest and fair, didn't want to just start spouting off, though I know that at least some Sirians have been involved in this genetic manipulation and harvesting. Ultimately, the fault lies with the reptiles, but every being is responsible for their choices, no matter the cause. I cannot clearly ascertain who or what to blame--except for the reptiles,MACHINE-RA, and from the human side, Nazis and high ranking CIA. I know that some Sirians have been involved, but I also know that the whole Mars genetic program is a complicated mess, with spies, double agents, traitors, disinformation, and counterintelligence operations abounding. So, I honestly cannot accurately lay charges or assess blame, NOR IS IT MY INTENTION TO DO SO.

My agenda is very narrowly focused right now. First, it is to do everything possible to upset this evil order of affairs, so that no human being suffers the depths of degradation and pain, as has my extended family has endured through this Mars project, EVER AGAIN. Once I believe that the imminent danger is ended (which it is not), then I will focus on my own personal healing, so that I can enter into the astral realm.

However, the question is, can this planet, Earth, and humanity, survive this imminent danger? I honestly don't know, since so much of it is beyond humanity's ability to address, without the help of the Sirian factions and peoples. I keep saying, and believe it with all my heart, that there is a win-win-win-win-win solution for all parties involved, including humanity, myself, my genetic hybrid children, and my personal, immediate family, my babies and my wife (yeah, I think we married in the astral realm, and if we didn't, it will happen. I was raised to believe that a man marries the woman who carries his child).

Still, I have deep fears--personally, I have been attacked by large dogs--I stared them down, and have vehicles accelerating at me as I take my daily walks up and down the alley block. I am no chicken shit, but I am too scared to even ride my bike. I fear for my children--they were kidnapped within 24 hours of being born, and worrying about them and rescuing them was extremely anxiety provoking.

They are miracle children, and I will be the first to admit that. The whole reason that these genetic experiments are in place, is because that Sirians cannot reproduce their own kind, so they depend on human hybrids to replenish their their own race. However, what PF and I proved was THAT IT IS POSSIBLE to reproduce a healthy child, with all the intact DNA and requisite soul, even if the biological support structure isn't there.

I have watched sci-fi shows, and seen scenes showing the kind of energetic, spiritual sex in which PF and I have engaged. That idea had to come from somewhere, although it wasn't on my mind the first time I did it. I was just engaged in telepathic discourse, and passionate human nature being what is is, it moved on to intercourse. Furthermore, everything that I know about the Pleiadians is that they are humanoids from our future, and from what I understand, they are capable of reproducing their own kind--though they may suffer from gene pool bottlenecks and stagnation. So what happened to the Sirians is an evolutionary anomaly that is going to become an evolutionary dead end, if they don't move past it. But PF and I HAVE THE KEY. Somehow, we did it. I am not exactly sure how it happened myself, but I know the answer is in my own unconsciousness, which I can't access, because I am constantly putting out fires to save human life, including my own, just in the short term.

I fear that some Sirian individuals and/or sets are completely misguided as how to advance their own best interests. You know, PF, being who she is, did not entrap me, into having four babies in one night. Whether she knew it or not, she asked permission, and I gave it, because, in retrospect, I know when it happened. I was just flipping through TV channels, looking for something to divert my attention, when I saw that "Dr. Strangelove" was on. Of course, that is a hilarious classic that has me in stitches all the way through, so I decided to watch a little bit of it. I found myself laughing hysterically when the mind-controlled KaBal puppet is talking to the earnest, solid-as-a-rock, British major. However the puppet knew what he was talking about--fluoride in the water being the biggest Commie plot in the country, etc. However, it was when he started talking about "Purity of Essence" that I couldn't stop laughing. Basically, he was saying that there is such a thing as purity of essence which is communicated in sexual activity, and that he had discovered his purity of essence, but he made sure that he kept it to himself.

Now the reason this dialogue is so interesting, is that it is corroborated by the X-Files plotline, in which the KaBal is engaged in experiments with "purity" and "purity control". I think that many Sirians believe that "purity of essence" refers to bloodline and DNA, and maybe bloodline is half of the equation, but I submit to you that the other half of that equation, essence, is soul--PURITY OF SOUL.

You can have the most beautiful, perfect bloodline/DNA in the world, but if your soul is rotten, because you have engaged in selfish harvesting of other sentient beings,or mind-control and mental abuse of test and genetic subjects, or if you do harm to others or the the living Mother Earth, then you will never create life. As scripture teaches us, God creates from love, and that is how we humans share in the creative process, as well.

I think some Sirians think, that all they have to do, is kidnap my children--specifically the four that PF and I created through our spiritual/sexual union of love, and they will have the secret to Purity of Essence, and the ability to reproduce again. They won't. The secret is within PF and I, and while I think both of us want to share, we both have been so abused and traumatized, that our purity of soul would not allow the depths of the unconscious to give it up no matter how much torture the KaBal might put on us. If my children, or my planet die, all you do is kill the goose that lays the golden egg, because I will be too disheartened to keep pursuing and unraveling the holy, great mystery which has gripped PF and I, so that I can share it with others.

I WANT to share it with others. As I first began to meet some of my genetic, hybrid children, I feared that they would not be able to bear children, and being a big fan of life and the creative process, I wished I could give them that gift. The gift is there--the package just needs to be open and passed around, and I am an innately generous person, but certain parties keep grabbing for the gift, and trying to possess and hide and own it, and hindering our (PF and I) ability to open it. Trust me, I know what I am talking about--don't the results bear me out?

Now, my head is pounding again, and I am getting really sick, so even though I need to post more, that is all for now.

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