Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Grounded. I went to go for a bike ride this morning, and the bicycle had a flat tire. Even worse, my intuitive vibes are telling me that I am not as safe as I was a few days ago. Of course, at the time, Faction 2 astral ops were raping me on a regularbasis, and nothing creates smug overconfidence in a mind control handler like sexual abuse and control. During my three hour "nap" at the hospital, I think I managed to turn the tables back on them--I have to say that is not anything I would ever have dreamed up on my own, but this is war, and it worked--at least I think it did, if only temporarily. I will take it. It also resulted in the death of a monstrous alien being residing in the form of a leviathan serpent.

However, while I was not raped last night, Faction 2 still are the ones responsible for my grounding. Very soon, I am going to lay out a greater delineation of this whole faction business, but for now, as I keep emphasizing, humanity keeps getting bounced back and forth between factions and inter-clique rivalry within factions.

Faction 2 is back on top, after a Russian scientific expedition drilled through frozen Lake Vostok to claim the centuries-hidden weapon that they were seeking--a golden swatsika (see the Sorcha Faal post). That swatsika is actually an ancient energy weapon, from a bygone era before the polar flip that moved the continent of Antarctica from the equator to the southern polar cap. I can't be precisely sure of how it works, but I suspect that it is capable of firing a laser weapon anywhere into Earth's atmosphere, in order to bring down the space brother/sister "friendlies" (the rare few that we have) that orbit our Earth, trying to heal an injured planet and prevent war. I think that they also are the ones who provide protection for me, as I bike along the river trail, and without them, I am loathe to leave the safety of my home--at least for very far. There are just too many really rotten, evil people out there, which brings me to my next question.

Who or what was responsible for this excavation of the ancient weapon in the first place? Although the location certainly was revealed from or to the occult societies of Faction 2, it was the Russians who provided the human technology and grunt work. Poor Russia--both Medvedev and Putin are firmly in the occult camp--I don't know if Russia has ANYONE with the stature to shake Putin's grip. For Putin plans to be the next czar of Russia, you know, like in the Romanovs, not like the high ranking ass-kissers which Americans associate with the titular function. All over the web, I have found frequent mention of Putin's "royal blood" heritage. I suspect it is totally bogus of course, but for the Merovingian Faction 2, it is all about bloodline, so the entire line of lies had to be fabricated, so that they can justify placing a tiara on his head. Of course, now that he has done this bit of dirty work for them, he should be jumped to the head of the line.

As for the rest of the planet, including me, we are in greatly elevated danger, for our space family "friendlies" cannot monitor and intervene in a crisis hotspot--say if rogue elements in Pakistan were to launch a nuke. I bring up Pakistan because now that the evil entity which kept the negative vibes pounding on that nation, is now dead, Faction 2 is trying to rile up war there, or in Syria, Iran or Israel. Faction 2, EXACTLY THE SAME, as Faction 1, uses war and suffering to extend their power and control. Of course, I will do everything possible to get that weapon off-line, but I am suffering from severe pain in my head--it is as if the implant in my forehead has been ratcheted up several notches, and not only am in constant pain, but any extra effort causes nauseating and crippling agony. Still, something has to break off that laser weapon power. Humanity is under the dominion of great evil as long as it is operative.

PS--New info on the Lake Vostok expedition has me wondering if my analysis of the M.O. of the "weapon was incorrect. According to the following post:

40 liters of water was removed from a lake that had not been touched in thousands and thousands of years. If this is correct, and it could be a disinformation distraction meant to throw blame onto the Amon RA/spider virus faction, then the thought of releasing the poison virus was enough to blackmail our space family out of the atmosphere. Remember, this virus is anaerobic, so the Russians would have had to use advance technology to encapsulate and store it for possible weaponization. I'll ponder some more on the details, but one thing for sure--its a disheartening day for the patriots of the world.

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