Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting ready to travel, but I am not sure where

Getting ready to travel, but I am not sure where--almost certainly the maw of the Beast. Of course, I will be the first to admit that I am cynical, paranoid, and mistrusting. I have spent too many years being controlled and manipulated by people and factions whose primary interest is power through occult knowledge. They want to CONTROL the future, not make it; the former denies the primacy of the penultimate human right--free will and the trust in God and grace, while those, like myself, who aspire to be co-creators in the process of reality, are always weak and vulnerable. That would be me--I woke up this morning drugged on something that once again filled me full of rage--as did the intense pain that I was in. Someone manipulated by face/cranium last night and my right jaws are crushed together unnaturally, causing intense TMJ pain. What a lousy way to start an important day.

I have felt like the psychics I trust have not wanted me to write these past couple of days. Maybe that was a mistake, because I have found my voice to be only tool or weapon. However, I am trying to work with the process, and I honestly do believe that we are in a critical period, and all people and factions of good will need to ally against the coming onslaught. I probably will not be writing further--at least on this blog--of how things pan out, but know that I will always be fighting for th good.

I HAD to write this post, though, to give voice to the suffering and powerless voiceless:

Those field workers are part of an elaborate UFO/ET/negative KaBal experiment. Not only are they being deliberately exposed to chemicals to gauge the effects on their body, I can see the scoop marks on their arms, legs, and even ankles, where they have been mutilated in astral abductions. One man, like me, has his entire ham string scooped out, which you can tell from the side view of the camera. I think even the women are being abducted, but it is the chemicals which is killing these men. They are suffering from extreme levels of creatinine--just like I, and other alien abductees have.

I can't research further at this point--what companies are involved, etc, but these men are test subjects for the chemical process of neuro-biochemical control of the larger population. Please somebody, look into this. We have to look out for those who are too victimized to help themselves--believe me when I say that. I know because I have been there--those are my people, but right now, I have to turn my attention to other issues, or the entire planet will be rife with the same cruel, pitiless abuse and suffering of innocents.

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