Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is time for my pity party to end

It is time for my pity party to end--the news is just disastrous all around, and as miserable, sick, and disheartened as I am, personally, I really believe that the patriots will rebound from this most recent painful loss, and a bigger battle is looming, so ALL HANDS ON DECK, no matter how crippled, wounded, or sick. Still, a successful battle plan needs to take honest account of the losses, and so this post will lay out all the recent gains made by the enemies of humanity--those who would use our species as spiritual, physical, and breeding slaves to serve their own agenda.

First of all, the negative KaBal has taken back the White House, and with it, the reigns of power, so the Patriots are reduced to acting behind the scenes, covertly. I am sure that it is a redundant waste of time to remind any reader of this post, just how evil Barry Obama really is. Still I am gritting my teeth over what I perceive to be his smug message to me, and I must respond, even if it is over-sensitivity on my part. You see, from the earliest days of 2008 campaign, I have experienced intrusion on my psyche by the Obama's--everything from using me as a medium in astral abduction rites to sending me subtle, but definitely imploring messages via media. Now I know that they see me as an important part of the "New Egypt" slave order of which they fancy themselves the First Pharaohs. For Michelle and Barry are both products of the Mars genetic experimentation. They also are brother and sister twins, just as I and PF are. Unfortunately, their "supersoul" is super rotten, and can their lives and efforts cannot portend or produce anything but the greatest evil as long as they are alive. I am not a vindictive or vengeful person, but I have refrained from calling for the just punishment for the capital crime of treason, because I strongly suspect that their two young children are reincarnations of my own family members. As painful and humiliating for the patriots to see Obama wielding power again, I can assure you that this will be a brief restoration--everybody just stay alive.

As for Barry and Michelle, well, we may have a common progenitor in common. The difference is that you all think bloodlines make you special, which is a huge mistake. It just gave you both delusions of grandeur and an inner laziness of character while young, so that you never EARNED your own character, ENGAGED reality, or WORKED your way through life's challenges and adversities. Thus, you never developed any real soul or character, but became ideological straw man and woman.

I don't know what you are so proud of your bloodline for, anyway. Do you know what a "royal bloodline" REALLY means? It means that our "illustrious progenitor" was the original "chingada"--happy to grab their ankles and boost their booty in the air for a "shining one" El. Yes, I think that I am lucky and privileged in my bloodline, but my genes didn't teach me how to love and persevere and work. They may have given a good blue print, but the building of my house on rock, not a castle in the sand, entailed blood, sweat and tears for my entire life. That is why I have the strength to resist the evil of the KaBal now--my whole life has been spent in honest assessment of the real, and struggle for the good, or at least, the best possible available. Because my life has been so difficult, I have encountered many others whose bloodlines may not be so "royal", as mine, but who I am convinced, are every bit as good and worthy of the human estate and claim to special gifts as I. Yes, I do have special gifts, but again, those were earned. It wasn't my genes that gave me high IQ--it was sticking to the books for years, even while I was harassed and ridiculed by my peers for doing so.

I have looked at your biographies and your results, and you both are big busts, though at least Michelle tries a little harder (of course it is much easier to fulfill the office of First Lady than President) The alien factions that keep placing you into power, know that. You all are just a short term placeholder, until they can place someone with greater skills into power, for while all royal houses eventually become rotten, they usually are founded on some level of competency and skill. Maybe Egypt was an exception, but the American people are not that stupid.

Of course, that is assuming that there is an America left to lead a vanguard against your fraudulent acting attempts that pass for leadership. That is a big assumption, considering that the northern hemisphere and especially the entire North American continent and Central American isthmus is slated for nearly complete annihilation under your alien faction's agenda and hope. You see, I figured out which alien faction that my unknown twin sisters are backing--it is Salusa's. I wanted to be sure before I passed negative judgment, but twice now, Salusa has proved that he is no friend of humanity. First he nearly tripped all the stargates, allowing reptilian entry, back when the crystal skulls were in Los Angeles. Then, most recently, the night I spent in the hospital, he was attempting to lure a bunch of good people into abduction on his starship. I helped to prevent that "Neptune trip" to hell, even if I did have to spend all day in the ER waiting room to do so.

At this point, I am going to interrupt my mentally conceived chronology to bring up a critical revelation. I just got a flash that my time on this computer may be curtailed very soon, and the following is essential.

Last night, I think the Patriots lost a true leader and brave man. I THINK, though I am not certain that this man might have been the Black leader who finally had the courage to try to help rescue me. There is a whole lot I need to say about that, but now is not the time. Of this, I am certain--the Patriots lost a huge leader, man and military asset last night. I am thinking that it may be related to the UFO crash in SC, though again, I can not be positive. The timing is off, but I think that was deliberate, because the web sites I read, would have had the SC crash posted within hours of it happening--not over 2 days later.

However, the most important point that I want to get out, is that I suspect I know the evil origination of the power that is behind this man's death, and the Patriot's reversal of fortune. It is my worst nightmare come true. I think one of my own genetic children (unborn), is behind it. The absolute worst agony of being unsupported and rejected by any psychic community for the past couple of years was the knowledge that the KaBal still at least a few of my eggs, and I was terrified that they would use of my eggs to conceive a reptilian monster. That is what has happened.

Now, I don't understand the metaphysics of all this, but somehow I know that, as genetic mother, I was in special contact with my offspring, at least during their conception/incubation period. Remember, their chronological age in Earth terms is "5 years"--my understanding is that Martian technology can bring an embryo to full adult status in less than a year. I would not be surprised it that genetic connection can actually be greatly enhanced by technological means. I think this may be why my genetic children are such "good kids"--they really are. I have been amazed that they have been so evidently warm and loving, considering the abuse, even unto reptilian possession, that some have endured. But, during their conception/incubation period, I was still my happy-go-lucky and loving self, and I think that carried through via some kind of mysterious genetic connection made in "real time". However, it works both ways, and now there is another one of my children in the fetal stage--and this one, I do believe has been conceived to be a real "rotter"--maybe another hermaphroditic queen. Maybe she is not even designed to come to full term. Her due date is in April--the 20th, no doubt (oh my God, think what could happen if a Hitler consciousness was introduced into my genetic bloodline?).

It is my nephew's wife who is carrying her (I know she is female), and I have known that since I was sent an email picture of the fetus a few months back. At that time, I just hoped that the child was part of a social experiment--what would happen if a genetic child of mind was reared in the Appalachian country, with blue collar parents? As usual, I was much too optimistic. I think the intent was/is much more sinister. I do believe that unborn child can hook right into my own unconscious.

I know this sounds horrible, paranoid, and beyond belief, but you should see what I saw in my email inbox this morning. There were two new sonogram photos of the baby. One was entitled, Baby surname", and showed a leering, laughing, demonic fetus. The other was a photo titled "Flexing", and showed the baby's foot. As soon as I saw this, I knew that there was some sinister connection going on between the baby and I. Can it get into my unconscious and dig out information that I only know on the most unconscious level? Or is it just able to feed from my own spiritual energy? I am not sure, but I am certain that the photos were bragging rights, and that somehow that fetus is responsible for much of the negativity that is now swirling around, including the Brother's (don't know his name) death. I fully realize the implications of what I am saying, and I need to think on this. Mostly, I need to get away from this computer. There is an evil spirit present in this room. Remember I said, I was under constraint. My mother's husband nurse entered the home 20 mins ago, and I have been under psychic pressure and duress since then--I think she is a container for some kind of evil spirit--maybe even that of my unborn child. One thing I do know--evil feeds off anger and evil. I really have to work at not having any negative emotions and impulses, because this just makes the monster child stronger. I got my work cut out for me. I will return to the part II of this post, later.

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