Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well, the only one who has melted down today

Well, the only one who has melted down today has been ME. After another night of abduction and anal rape, and waking up with a brain addled with chemicals and female hormones, I suffered another lost day. I finally got up and bought a six pack of beer, but it was contaminated and made me sick. Of course, I got a little queasy watching the game, as well. Of course, the game was fixed, just as they all are, but the fact that the Giants beat the Patriots makes me wonder if the Patriots have suffered another defeat at the hands of the Tall Whites somewhere.

I was too sick to do any web surfing today, so maybe I will get it tomorrow, but it is really hard for me to sit. I am wondering if I have busted or cracked a rib or two. My body hasn't felt right since Friday, and this morning I woke up in severe pain in my ribs, upper back, and shoulders. Not only was I raped, but I was raped violently, and it exacerbated the frontal thoracic pain I have been feeling since Friday. I will deal with it, tomorrow. Right now, I need to go to bed and pray I get some sleep, which is not easy with the pain and misery I am in. I used a different brand of soap, and it had some kind of deodorant soup smell on it, that I now can smell on my own self, and it drives me nuts! For some reason, I have always been hyperaware of, and repulsed by the smell of deodorant soap. I may even take yet another shower tomorrow to try to get rid of the scent.

There is no doubt in my mind that the rapes I am experiencing on the astral plane, are having the perp's desired effect, and reminding me of sexual abuse suffered as a child, which causes all kind of conflicting and negative emotions to rise within me. Intellectually, I can understand it all, but emotionally I am a wreck, and the hardest thing in the world for me to do is to talk or write about my own personal emotions. So, short post.

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