Monday, February 13, 2012

On the road, and on my wi-fi

On the road, and on my wi-fi, time for one last (maybe. final), post. I have an interesting book to read, "God and the New Physics", but I am too ELFed and autistic to read--I think I have gotten zapped several times. So, I am reading the lightest of all material--the Hollywood gossip sheets. As Tommy Lee Jones, MIB, says, the best stuff is found in there. I try to stay away from it all, because I am not the kind of person who gets hung up on celebrity lifestyles, but it was incredible to go through this copy of the "National Enquirer" and realize that nearly every major celebrity featured, was involved/were involved with the occult somehow (oh and by the way, I never have mentioned, but Scientology is a HUGE faction of the negative, occult KaBal--no matter how cute Tom Cruise may be, or how well John Travolta can dance).

However, there was one "innocent", one victim, featured in this week's rag, and that was Whitney Houston. I only have an hour on my computer battery, so I don't have much time to go into a lot of detail, but still I am sick when one suffers innocently, while smiling, super-wealthy actors and actresses who have sold their soul to the devil for fame, gleam their white teeth in smug, self-patroni zing smiles.

Whitney never sold out her soul. Yes, she was an afflicted soul, with hard core drug addictions, but still, it was an afflicted, GOOD soul. When I first read of her death, I just thought she was yet another Illuminati blood sacrifice of an artistic talent. The last major one was Amy Whitehouse (maybe Ben Gazzara--but Gazzara was fully involved in the occult and would have been sacrificed willingly). I figured the KaBal--Faction 2 or 3, were sending a message to Faction 1 (Houston), and Whitney was the unfortunate victim. However, the Enquirer article seems to indicate to me that the murder was more than a ritual sacrifice--it was part of a plan to both extort tens of millions of dollars from Whitney's fortune AND exact vengeance and instill fear regarding loose lips rgarding occult "business".

First of all, Whitney was clearly murdered--murder by the same viral downloads and parasitic spiders which afflict me. I can recognize the exact same glint in her eyes, and face was full of fluid, as well as her fingers, right before her death. Like me, she aso was suffering from extreme serotonin intoxication. Now, I am sure that her brain was altered after years of heavy cocaine use, but like me, I don't think her brain could tolerate the extremely high levels of serotonin that the viral download creates. I am walking around the airport like I am drunk, and so was she. Why, precisely, was she killed?

Well, the key witness now alive would be "Ray J", apparently, her most recent partner. Now, I do not have the battery power to go into dept re: Ray J's motivations, or complicity with the occult. However, at the very least, my cursory examination shows him to be a low life "chump". He also was involved in a steamy sex video with Khloe Kardashian--and he is the first hand source of the rumor going round, that Khloe is OJ Simpson's daughter. Maybe "rumor" is the wrong word--I believe it to be the absolute truth. Now my guess is that Ray J knows that he is dealing with powerful occult forces who have turned a talentless wanna be like himself, into a popular rapper, and he would keep his mouth shut. However, it probably came out in pillow talk, and my guess is that Whitney was the one who got on the phone, and started making calls, "hey, you know what, girlfriend?...). Unlike Ray J, Whitney did not know the powerful evil that fed this occult circle, and her gregarious nature and lack of discretion cost her, because the real secrets in Hollywood is not who is screwing who, and who is the real father of whom. No, the real secret is, who are the occult players, and how do they fragment along factional lines, and Ray J let Whitney on a much bigger secret than she could handle--especially with the levels of serotonin in her blood.

Of course, it is completely possible that Whitney knew what she was doing. Apparently, she loved her daughter more than anything, and any observant, loving mother would notice the cranial/facial changes (and hands, though I couldn't see those) that indicate that young Bobbi is being abducted and mutilated. Any loving mother would start to wonder about the personality changes and mood swings caused by the virus, and being a hard-core addict herself, she may have probed and confronted only to learn the truth, and she may have attempted to stop the suffering of her daughter by threatening to go public with what she knew. Big mistake.

Robert Kardashian Khloe's nominal father, was an Armenian--no time to probe the factions, but the headless man, who got occult devotee, Brad Pitt, interviewed by the police, was an Armenian. I think the Weinstein brothers are Armenian. Again, I am NOT pounding on any one ethnic group, but I think a big part of the viral spider plague in Hollywood is associated with some Armenians. Interesting thing about Robert K was his friendship with OJ Simpson. OJ was very involved in the occult, and actually got set up by it. Yes, I really believed he killed his wife, but I think the idea was implanted into his already sociopathic head. I can't be sure, but the whole murder of Nicole Simpson/murder trial/acquittal, may have been a ritualistic re-enactment honoring the Black "Othello" from antiquity who murdered his wife (the one whose archetypal memory I carry). But the KaBal takes care of their own (why in the world do you REALLY think the no-talent Kardashian family rakes in millions off stupid reality shows and stunts?), and so O.J.'s acquittal was guaranteed. There is no doubt in my mind that jury tampering or law enforcement evidence contamination was used to help spring O.J. Yes, it could have been Black racism in the jury that saved him, but surely at least one person of 12 would have had the conscience to object...

My guess is that Ray J is running scared, or maybe he is just gloating over his cut of the millions lost of Whitney's fortune. Now, I know that she was an extravagant coke head, but 100 million dollars is an awful lot of cocaine! And how about sweet Bobbi? Is she next on the murder list, because she is the only one motivated to pursue who has extorted and defrauded her mother's estate? Is that why Bobbi is in the hospital? Well, if so, this post is dedicated to her long life--there has been enough murder already...sorry low batter...must go, until I find a power outlet.

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