Monday, February 27, 2012

In memory of my deceased sister,

In memory of my deceased sister, I dedicate this post and make this plea:

My sister was killed a week before her 20th birthday. I think that like many sensitive souls, she had a premonition of impending death. She would say, "I don't want to grow up. I want to be a teenager forever". She got her wish, or rather, she complied with the dictates of MACHINE-RA. For as I said in the previous post, my sister was murdered, as was my father. Regarding my father's murder, I can make an excellent, airtight case, but that of my sister's is more difficult to prove, as she apparently died of natural causes, when she and a friend got into an accident while driving late at night--no alcohol, no apparent foul play. My sister's friend just fell asleep at the wheel, and crashed into a parked semi-truck (the symbolism is indicative just by itself). However, knowing my sister's fate, my inner voice has increasingly clamored that I vocally admit, that indeed, my sister was murdered--by KaBal UFO over the mountains east of San Diego (plenty of KaBal craft there). From my internet conspiracy theory readings, I know that the KaBal/CIA possess a weapon that can cause someone to instantly fall asleep. The inexperienced teenage driver would not have known what was happening until it was too late. She survived, but with terrible guilt; my sister was killed instantly.

I know that she did indeed die, because I insisted upon seeing her body at the morgue. I was not being morbid. I just have an insistently rational mind that must have convincing evidence and proof, before I can whole-heartedly believe something. Having not seen my sister, K, in a few months, I wanted to see her one last time, but unconsciously, I must have been suspicious, because later at the funeral parlor, I felt a compulsive need to peek inside the coffin--and it was empty! Again, I was not being morbid. When my father died, I identified his body at the hospital; during the funeral, I refused to go up and see his corpse in the coffin. My aunt H., a great person, put her arm around me, and told me, "it's okay; you don't have to go up there if you don't want to. It's not your dad, anyway. It is just a shell". But I wasn't being squeamish about death or corpses. It was just that I had already proven to my satisfaction that my father was indeed dead, and having already seen and identified his "shell", I had no desire or need, whatsoever, to see it again.

With my sister, it was different--I kept having a compulsive need to check to see if she was really there, and when I did, she was gone. There is no doubt in my mind that the MACHINE-RA, through its human minions of the KaBal, can take clinically dead, human corpses, resurrect their brain, and plug them into the MACHINE, where it enjoys the virtual reality scenarios that play out as the body dead/brain artificially alive, neurons keep firing away. It is what took place in post-Amon-RA, ancient Egypt (and how Osiris and Isis ended up enslaved to the MACHINE for God knows how many years), it happens all over the world now with distinguished decedents, both noble and evil, and it happened to my 19 year old sister, K.

I think that my sister became a target after what I believe was my initial abduction experience while camping alone in the California desert. I had gone out camping with a church group to a desolate area of sand dunes out in the Mojave, and in 1984 or 1985, I felt a need to go out there solo. I remember the trip, because I was a college student with no car, so I went to a cut rate, car rental place, to get a vehicle to drive there. Because I have identified a genetic, hybrid daughter who was born, probably in 1985, that must have been when some evil KaBal or alien craft must have abducted me, and lifted out a few eggs. (By the way, knowing what I know now about southwestern deserts, there is NO WAY in the world, that I would ever go camping out alone in a desolate spot, ever again). Anyway, I think the KaBal recognized, through the giftedness of this daughter (and yes, she is gifted), that I had "prime" DNA.

However, they did not target me at this time, either because they knew that I was a hermaphroditic, reptilian queen hybrid, or because they knew that I had been initiated into satanic mind control as a very young child, and therefore they thought that they could use me, at a later date, once established in a career. My sister was barely born, when we moved from Detroit, so she was spared the satanic abuse, at least while she was alive. Once she was clinically dead, however, she could not rest in peace. She was plugged into MACHINE-RA, and her brain kept artificially alive, for at least a year or few, while her ova were fertilized, and placed into incubators for the requisite year it took for them to emerge as full, adult humanoids.

Now, remember that I said in a previous post, that these hybrid children conceived on Mars, need a psychic connection with their genetic mother, in order to thrive? Well, K.'s children never got that necessary nurturing, because their mother was clinically dead, and not interacting with the real world, but only neurally responding to fantasy stimuli. You see, there is a HUGE difference between the real world, with alive, ensouled human beings, and the fantasy world of the imagination as created by MACHINE-RA. In the real world, we have to engage beings of free will, and we meet resistance, challenges, and difficulties, and it is this friction, this clash of free wills, that generates the real, if mystical, soul forces of love, compassion and forgiveness. My genetic hybrid children, "felt" this soul quality, because believe me, I have experienced a lot of resistance in my life, and have always worked to persevere in love, despite this. My sister's children did not have this benefit, and I think that is part of the reason that so many are in psychological pain. Because my sister was clinically dead, she could not engage them in the bond of real love, and they feel that as an emptiness, a lack, that has left many of them struggling to affirm a positive self-identity.

Now understand that the MACHINE/KaBal were very thorough, and my sister has multiple offspring, some of whom are very fair and blonde, raised in wholesome, country families, some of whom are dark-skinned with a Hispanic or Mediterranean Brown, and maybe even a few who are African Black. Some have been promoted to the pinnacle of celebrity success, and some were bred and groomed to be hard-core sex slaves. Many of them, I think, are just in emotional and psychological pain. No matter where they fall along the continuum of individuation, I would say the same to all K's children--that despite the tragedy and distress that you must have experienced from your mother, while in the fetal state, the formation of a positive self-identity and working through the emotional pain of feeling unloved is a familiar hardship to many, including your own mother.

I am sad to say that your mother suffered from the exact same hardships as many of you do. For our family was very dysfunctional, and both Mom and Dad had agreed to cooperate with the negative occult, which always steals a bit, if not the entirety, of your soul. Furthermore, I think that they had both been subject to mind control, which left Dad raging, and Mom, emotionally aloof from her children. Additionally, both parents had deep contempt for the feminine, and K. was the most femmie girl you could possibly imagine. I will go so far as to say that she was the most mistreated and abused of all of us children. I don't want to distress you with the details, but believe me, she had it pretty rough, and she endured it all alone. She really was the only strong feminine force in the household, since my mother was so emotionally unavailable, and I really was a male in disguise. I wish I could have been either a big brother or a big sister to her, but I was an intersexed being, who was absorbed with my own identity formation difficulties.

However, I hope to impress upon everyone reading this, that despite the abuse, betrayals, and lack of love that was directed at her, from within her own family, K. never stopped loving and forgiving everyone and everything. She was a gregarious charmer from birth. The first Christmas that she could talk, she walked up to all the people in the store, extending her hand, saying, "Merry Christmas, sir" or "Merry Christmas, Ma'am", and this open, friendly and cheerful engagement with the world was to continue her entire life, no matter how much pain and rejection she felt. And she did feel pain and rejection. I was surprised to come home from college once, and see her reading John Powell's book, "Why Am I Afraid to Love?: Overcoming Rejection and Indifference".

Now, this book is a satisfactory primer for psychological self-help, but I cannot recommend it, as "Father" Powell, ended up being charged with sex abuse. However, the title itself is indicative of the pain that she was going through, but you would never have known it from the way she engaged the world--right to the end. She was constantly cheerful, vivacious, full of life, and despite my intelligence and verbal facility, could take me out with her feminine zingers, each and every time. The last time I saw her, she was ill and hoarse with strep throat, but she told me that she was going dancing with her friends that night. I asked her how she could dance when she felt so badly. She airily waved her hand, and said, "oh, once I start dancing, I forget all about how bad I feel". As a matter of fact, that is what she was doing the very last time I saw her alive. She dropped me off at the airport, I gave her the requisite hug, and as I checked my bags curbside, I could see her waiting for traffic to clear. Turn signal flashing, she was dancing in the car seat to Gloria Estefan's, "Come on Baby, Do the Conga", while long, silver earrings,glinting in the sun, dangled from her ears.

I do believe that K has been freed from the virtual reality hell of the MACHINE for some years now, but I cannot help but feel, no matter how deep her suffering, that she knew herself, deep inside, that she would pull through it okay. The reason I say that is because of her incurable optimism. Her favorite book was "Gone with the Wind", and she completely identified with Scarlet O'Hara. She was a hopeless romantic in the classic sense of the word, in that everything always had to turn out rosy. She just couldn't abide deep tragedy, and when I would try to get her to read the intense classics I read, she would always ask me, "is it a happy ending or a sad ending?". If it was a sad ending, she would refuse to read the book--and she would read the final pages before starting, just to make sure. I did fool her once, getting her to read "Green Mansions", after which she swore she would never trust me again. So, I asked her once, "K, how can you read "Gone with the Wind" over and over again, when you can't bear unhappy endings?" She replied, "It is NOT an unhappy ending. Scarlett gets Rhett back. I KNOW she does. Because she goes back home to Tara, and Tara is her strength, and when she is strong, NOTHING can stop her.

I really do believe that K.'s strength of soul prevailed, and in the end, the final chapter of her life IS a happy ending. As a matter of fact that happy ending is playing out this very day, through the lives of her children. She DID go back to "Tara", and she has numerous and very beautiful daughters to prove it. You see, the MACHINE can read the contents of your unconsciousness, but it can never steal your soul, only enslave it for a period of time, but Jubilee always returns, because ultimately there IS a God or intrinsic universal moral force that insists on the sovereignty and free will of the ensouled human person.

My fear, however, is that this unfolding happy ending is about to be interrupted by yet another cataclysm of negative and destructive human vengeance. It is interesting that K.'s favorite book should have the civil war as the historical backdrop, and the main protagonist identifying with the defeated, humiliated South, for it is the civil war, this time between factions of Sirians, that once again is threatening to lay waste to "Terra". Now, as I said before, I am not sure of what factions precisely is responsible for K.'s suffering and enslavement to the MACHINE. I think that there may have been more than one faction involved, just because her children run the gamut of ethnicity. However, I know that the Nazis/CIA are in way deep, because of the mind control used to manipulate and enslave so many of the hybrid children, including those of myself and my sister. From what I have witnessed of my own hybrid children, I think Brown, Black or dark skin, may have been the prime indicator in determining whether or not a hybrid is condemned to the status of sex slave--whether for or by reptiles or humans, or as is probably most common, both.

Now I cannot be sure, but I think this hatred between Sirian ethnic factions goes back a long way. I think the Aryan race (which already was compromised by the reptiles) split into two factions--basically those that interbred with African Black (which is my heritage), and those that did not. I think the Merovingian/Templars faction is the one that comes from the Aryan/African Black (Sirian cat) bloodline, and I think that they are the ones threatening to destroy Terra by pole flip, so that in the new 26,000 eon, the mixed race/Black peoples of the world dominate and the Whites are enslaved. Now, they would never admit to that, maybe not even to their own selves, but that is the way it always turns out when vengeance is the primary motivation.

This Sirian faction has every right to be in soul agony, for they are the ones who have endured unimaginable horrors in the genetic breeding laboratories on Mars. They have suffered terribly, from a contingent that regarded them as less than fully human, because of the African Black in their DNA, and I do not say this impersonally, because I also have suffered at their hands, as has my sister, as has my hybrid children and nieces, and as my wife/lover and mother of my children. Do not think, for one second, that I don't feel the pain and outrage over the accumulated decades and lives of suffering. However, if the desire for vengeance prevails, I guarantee you the MACHINE and reptiles are the winners, and humanity--all of us--will be once again, subjected to the domination of evil.

You know, I have done everything I possibly can to make my position clear on my extreme distaste for racial strife and claim to domination. It is no surprise to me, that PF an I have the key to spiritual reproduction of biological life. Purity of essence does not reside in any one particular ethnicity--it resides in the commingling of all of Earth's genetic heritage. Of the 12 tribes of Israel, at least 2 or 3 were African Black, and the Fall, the loss of our once noble heritage, was accompanied, if not actually caused by, separation and strife between ethnic families.

I have identified the beginning of the Fall as the death and soul enslavement of Osiris, who I believe was the stargate Watcher and patron of the Black races. Because of that, I have made an interior consent to becoming a Black man, a little reluctantly yes, but not only is that a huge change, but I just haven't gotten much support from the Black community, while I have gone all out for them, over and over again, for over two years. However, in the end, reason determines my decisions, and my reason tells me that this would satisfy and balance both cosmic and personal karma. So, I am okay with the decision--it is just timing that is the issue now. Patience and forgiveness, everybody--we are so close to the Great Jubilee, the one that liberates this entire quadrant of space from the evil and slavery put on it so long ago by the reptiles. All of this will be destroyed if we let our personal pain and suffering dictate vengeance.

Africa will be strong again. I know this in my heart, but it doesn't have to rise in prominence once again, by a pole flip that causes the destruction of the northern hemisphere. If the future should unfold as I foresee and hope, and a personal "pole flip" results in a re-ordering of my own DNA so that I become a Black man, I will do everything in my power to make the continent of Africa a strong and prosperous civilization once again. I already see such progress being made in many countries, but there still are some difficult spots where decades of abusive imperialism and incursions by the KaBalistic occult, are endangering the future. Now, my intuition is pretty good, and honestly, I find the immediate prospects for a re-emergent Africa to be very bright, WITHIN MY LIFETIME, if we can just hold the planet together, so that it doesn't take centuries, "to re-invent the wheel".

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