Friday, February 17, 2012

Ranting and raging on

Ranting and raging on regarding my incarceration--this is not "house arrest"--my current imprisonment if fucking virtual reality hell, where I am mutilated, both in my body and any conceivable erogenous zone areas that my fucking Templar torturers think they can access.

I was in error, thinking my kidnappers were Faction 3. They are not--they are straight up, classic Faction 2, the same spiritually and physically constipated and dessicated sons of bitches that I have encountered before. And I am not being sexist--these creepy bastards are all men, even if they shapeshift into a woman's body. Not only are they all men, they are all extreme misogynists, and while they may want to see a "queen" sitting on a throne in Jerusalem, that is only the remaining vestige of their reptilian heritage and allegiance.

Exactly how authentically powerful a pure reptilian queen is, I don't know, but I do know that the goddamned Faction 2/Templar occult clique wants to tightly control their queen. By the way, Faction 2/the Templars were deeply involved with 9/11, and the creation and guidance of al-Qaida and "V". Even though some diehard Faction 2 supporters might say that 9/11 was the brainchild of the emerging Faction 3 flexing their muscle, I would refer the reader to a little known, all but scrubbed, historical fact that I got from the Internet. In September of 2011 (I looked in vain for the exact day of the date), a charter was "rediscovered" "in the Vatican library" exonerating the Templars from blasphemy. Now, nothing gets rediscovered in the Vatican library without the KaBal bishops approving it. I submit that the 9/11 cooperation between Faction 2 and the Vatican was actually a carefully arranged treaty of alliance.

Anyway, the whole point of al-Qaida is to throw the Middle East into turmoil and gain Jerusalem for the Faction 2 occult, which is a spiritual power energy center, from which a strong and spiritual reptilian hybrid can access the reptilian galaxy. Yes, there are mind-controlled native jihadists, brainwashed into fighting this battle for the greatest would-be imperialism and slavery this planet has ever known, but the real power behind al-Qaida are the occult, rogue forces of the security agencies, which are owned by Faction 2. "V" was the original reptilian hybrid queen on whom the Templars placed all their hopes, and she was a miserable and angry hermaphrodite (anything the occult touches turns to ashes). Once she was dead, I became a marked man, and that is how I ended up getting abducted while on a plane on a destination to join my REAL community and family.

I must have known that it was going to turn out this way, for, prior to the trip, my foreboding was overbearing. So the question is how long am I going to be in this surreal Matrix, a virtual prisoner, sharing life with a bunch of spiritually dead, occult types shapeshifting into various bodies? I am like Patrick McGoohan in "The Prisoner"--living in an alternative, unreal Matrix--which I think, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, is the planned result for all those intrepid men and women, who have dared to learn what is really going on. Yes you, the Raye Allens, Kerry Cassidys, Clif Highs, et al., of the world--get ready. Faction 2 considers themselves much too "spiritual" to throw you into a gulag. Instead, you will be transported away to some fantasy-bucolic, totally unreal Matrix, where the skies are blue (no chemtrails--no need), and walking down the street feels like the sterility of "Pleasant Valley Sunday". It is EXACTLY the same bucolic village in which McGoohan found himself imprisoned. I was told that I am on Mars, but I think Mars, but I really think that I am in some kind of temporal rift where alternative matrices can be programmed.

There is no "out" that I can foresee. I am supposed to fly back "home" on Sunday evening, but I suspect that I will just enter another surreal temporal prison. You know, at one time, I said that give Faction 2 the passage of 50 years, and they would prove themselves to be as evil and rotten as Faction 1. That was me, being overly optimistic as usual. Faction 2 is just as evil as the other two factions, vying for dominance, and I am the essential slave needed to complete their conquest.

Of course, my unborn niece/genetic daughter (who now has been delivered prematurely, I think), is another potential queen who is under the direct control of Faction 2, as is my entire birth family. I don't know where they are, but they are in "protective custody" somewhere---same old story that Michael Prince talks about. One faction "rescues" you from another, just so they can control you to their own purpose. However, her activation is still years away, and so they won't discard me, until they are certain that I cannot be used.

To that end, I am being drugged and deluded at every turn--to the point of some entity engaging in psychic sex with me. However, my sexuality has been further mutilated, with the nerves of my labia completely excised (I feel nothing in the inner vaginal folds), and some kind of etheric implant/stopper in my anus, which is another erogenous zone for me--after years of sexual abuse and rape, there). The point of this is, ONCE AGAIN, AS ALWAYS, to undermine my soul's ability to reach the astral plane. I never said it, but psychic sex with PF resulted in the peaceful, centered contemplative experience that I have not felt in years, and then only after about 45 minutes of sustained meditation. THAT is the mindset that enables one to travel astrally in a holy and safe fashion. Faction2 is trying to force me into an astral travel in or via a dimension, that is completely hateful and yucky to my spirit and my soul, my honor and dignity as a human being, and child of God.

And while I am sorry and humiliated that I engaged in psychic sex with some dessicated, sick Templar piece of shit, I do not regret it. As hateful as it was, it was an important experience to understand what is really going on. Take it from me, I have experienced where these occult bastards want humanity to astrally develop, and IT IS A FUCKING, DEMONIC LIE, which leaves any spiritually authentic human being feeling spiritually raped and violated, and emotionally and mentally drained, lethargic, and literally ill.

With all the mutilations taking place, I don't know how I am ever going to get into the dimensional space which is where I need to arrive to heal my body, and become the man I desperately long to be. (The more these fuckers mutilate me, the more my desire to be in a strong, healthy, muscular man's body). Without any kind of sexual desire/arousal, I cannot enter in that contemplative state necessary for astral travel. Right now, though, that is a distant dream. If God wills it, God will have to save me, because there is no way I can save myself from this spider web of evil. God has always come through in the past--I just have to hope. In the meantime, I have to deal with the incredible pain that comes from these fucking goddamned pigs turning my body into that of a child (funny all those vampire types are dessicated withered specimens of flesh--so indicative of their spiritual condition), the chronic headaches and nausea I am experiencing, and the creepy loneliness of an alternative limbo timeline of a "Matrix prison". I am sorry that I am not able to contribute much to the patriot movement right now. Even the web I read is altered and doctored, so that I cannot accurately assess the condition of the world at large. I am just going to collapse my world into a very small construct, much as I did when I was younger, and hope that God gets me out of here. Now I need to go lie down--my mutilated back on my 10-year old looking body (ever wonder why occult types like children?), is killing me.

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