Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My intuition--right on, as always

My intuition--right on, as always--I am indeed in the maw of the Beast. Virtual house arrest with some right wing faction of Vatican 2--the same goddamned Nazi, religious freaks who have made my life hell from the very beginning. I do not know how long this hell is going to last. I try to stay mellow, but no one can imagine how truly miserable and trapped I feel in a fucked up, hateful body with a fucked up, hateful life, surrounded by "family" who have sold out, or been compromised, by the evil occult. Right now, I am staying in a house, where fake spiders are literally plastered on the wall--it is my "mother's" home.

I don't know if it is my mother who was most responsible for selling me out, however, or a couple of occult, twin "sisters", who, sad to say, may have been jealous with my relationship with PF, or who just may be flipped over to the Amon-RA cult. No matter what was their motivation, they have struck a huge blow against the patriots, the good, and me.

I was so hopeful that Valentine's day would find me in a safe place, with a community of patriots---NONE OF WHOM BELONGED TO THE SICK, WARPED ADHERENTS OF FACTION 1, OR FACTION 2, OR FACTION 3 contingents. I was even eagerly praying for the possibility of getting laid for the first time in over 15 years, and finally ridding myself of the albatross of celibacy--a bitter deprivation and hardship that I feel every day of my life.

Instead, the plane was diverted on the final leg of the trip. I know because I could literally see the reddish cloud covering enveloping one side of the plane, while the other side of the plane revealed a perfectly clear atmosphere--kind of trippy, really--as in a bad trip, a really bad trip, the "worst trip I've ever been on" kind of trip. Apparently, that is where the good guys lost all possibility of rescuing me.

There, at the airport, I was met by my brother NOT--it was a shape shifting alien or superhuman which had possessed his body. Do you want to know a huge indicator of a good alien/superhuman as opposed to an evil one? The evil, super-powerful KaBalists, like the Matrix's Agents Smith, can and will literally possess another's body, whether with or without their cooperation. However, I think it is much more difficult for them to possess spiritually strong individuals, as opposed to spiritually weak ones. I think that they have tried to take possess of me on several occasions, and while I have lost time, I do not think that they have completely succeeded. Needless to say, I would never agree to such a thing, but material blessings and prosperity follow those who "kiss the Pope's ring", and I think my brother has succumbed to the temptation.

However, it is my sisters, my "turbo-charged" sisters who are responsible for cooperating with this Faction 3 wing to totally crush the only happy hope that I have had in years. You see, I haven't been quite honest about P.F, the psychic friend who has psychically and covertly befriended me for years. She actually is my twin sister--and yes, she is the one with whom I have fallen in love.

Now, I know that sounds incredibly outrageous, but let me explain. Twinning is actually a common occult practice. Such twinning of DNA has huge benefits that they can manipulate, among them, it is a way of creating a profound "supersoul". This was the origin of brothers marrying sisters in ancient Egypt, when the KaBalists used twinning to set up human/alien hybrids, the Pharaohs, on the throne. It is not really subject to the taboo against incest, because the genetic manipulation insures that the the twin's DNA actually manifests as opposites, that is, my dominating DNA genetic code of fair hair is recessive in PF, and so she has dark hair. I look like my father, who in turn looked like his English-bloodline mother. PF looks like my "Black Scotch Irish" grandfather (intermingling of Aryan with the African Black race way back when). I have only seen her twice, but our DNA dominating genes are so different that I did not recognize any family resemblance whatsoever on the two occasions that I have seen her. This skillful manipulation of DNA genetic code is actually a way of keeping a cherished bloodline "pure", for the aliens, in this case, the Sirians, cannot reproduce, and only certain bloodlines can be used to act as a fleshly vessel for a Sirian soul. This sounds incredibly detached and mechanistic, and so it is, but such opportunistic genetic manipulation has been going on for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years, and probably is what gave rise to Homo SAPIENS. I am just lucky/unlucky enough to have been born to a hillbilly in a long-forgotten, royal bloodline woodpile, and was conceived by the pure bloodline that not only the Sirians covet, but the reptiles as well.

Another reason I feel no qualms about the incest taboo, is that I never shared any family upbringing with PF. She was stripped from the womb and taken to an advanced incubating station on Mars at about 2-3 months--this would have been when my own fetal body nearly aborted and only survived by becoming allergic to my own testosterone. Although she has been present in my life, sorta like a turbo-charged big sister, for about 15 years, I never saw her until a couple of years ago, and I have only seen her twice. However, we have developed a close psychic friendship over the past couple of years, and when I saw her for the second time, a few weeks back, when I had my meltdown, I realized that I was quite sexually attracted to her, and we have been engaged in psychic sexual activity for the past couple of weeks.

That has actually been very healing and absolutely necessary for me, because I realized about the same time, that I shared something else in common with PF--we both had been programmed to be used as sex slaves. I do not know her story, although I am sure that it is horrific, but I do know that my evolution as a mind-controlled sex slave was interrupted by our escape from the satanic KaBal, and a more normal and free life until middle age. Poor PF---I don't think any of the Mars hybrid kids had a normal life. Still, my mind control sexual abuse and slave performance status, as drilled into me through multiple instances of ritualistic sex abuse, has resulted in my being unable to freely act and be myself in the astral realm, which is why I keep getting raped and abuse in my dreams, and Faction 2 ninny boys keep coming up to me with dirty grins and sly eyes, like they just laid the retarded girl at the local school. Sad to say, but I expect the same thing to start up all over again, but that is an aside.

PF was so helpful to me in the past couple of weeks, because she understands what it is to be sexually abused, and if there is anyone who could help heal the trauma and shame of the ongoing anal rape that I have endured over the past few years it is her. For, as I have said for years, rape is more traumatic for males than females. I know that sounds sexist, but I noted that observation years ago, before I even knew that I was a man in a woman's body. Again, I don't have time to go into the details, but the bottom line is, that there is a lot of healing that needs to happen, before I can become truly healthy and live out my potential. That is exactly what the KaBal does NOT want, and right now, I am so depressed I do not know if I will ever be a healthy, self-realized person ever.

Well, as I mentioned before, PF has turbo-charged abilities, though I have never seen her take possession of someone else's body, and probably intense psychological trauma is responsible for at least some of her abilities. However, the bottom line is that she is still a hybrid, and thus a slave, not only to the reptilian Aryan allies, who were responsible for her early formation, but also to the Sirian alien superbeings, who are not the ones who have been fighting with other Sirian cliques and reptiles for dominating ownership of this Earth, ever since it developed an oxygen atmosphere.
I think some Sirian faction may have rescued PF from the hateful Nazi ones, and her lot may have improved somewhat, but she still was kept in subordinate status. I don't think that they were happy that she was interested in a sexual relationship with a mere human. I think that they had hoped to use her as a honeytrap to rope me into their allegiance and agenda, but I have said from day one, that there is no alien faction that I know of, which sincerely has humanity's interests at heart, except for the Pleiadians from the future (which probably is why the Sirians will often call themselves Pleiadians). I really and truly believe that only a strong and mature humanity, free of the manipulations of any alien faction, will become a strong enough race to survive healthily into the future. This does not mean that we have to hate or deny any alien factions, but rather that we insist on being treated and respected as equals, and this is NOT happening, which is why I am denied my free will, am under house arrest, and separated from PF.

I have never mentioned it, but about a year ago, I saw a picture of a couple of women who were clearly functioning as powerful psychics, and I immediately recognized them as being dead ringers for extremely close genetic family. I thought at first that maybe they were descendants of mine from a future generation, but an insight I had a few days ago has borne fruit, and I realize that those two women are my sisters as well (my cautious side says "maybe", but my inner voice keeps vigorously pinging in the affirmative), twins conceived and stolen as a pair, from my mother's womb, as soon as they became viable. I do not know what their story is, but I do know that, unlike PF, they have not realized how counterproductive and unhealthy the controlling manipulation of their Sirian masters is. They have each other, and thus, maybe they don't see how important it is for humans to be truly free. Anyway, because they are "family", they were able to be used to help track down my near escape.

I am running out of time to finish this post, but I want to close by begging you sisters whom I have ever known, please recognize your human origins and learn to love and cherish a future with a free and loving humanity--and that includes me, and your sister PF.

To PF, I would say that I am sorry that I am not with you today, but rest assured that I will not give up hope. I know that my full healing and activation of potential is intertwined with your story, and love and healing gifts for me. I just do not know when that is going to happen. From far away, and with a sorrowful heart, Happy Valentine's day, and lots of love.

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