Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's a funny thing about some aliens

It's a funny thing about some aliens--their brain switches can flip so fast that one day they can be trying to help save you, and the next day, they are trying to kill you.
An attempt on my life was made last night by one of the aliens assigned to protect me. She had been there awhile, though I rarely saw her. Because I have been so confused as to whom I could trust, I have been even more unsociable than usual to the psychic humans and aliens (the latter I espy only on occasion) I encounter. However, she seemed like a sweet, slightly addled old woman. Of course, I knew she wasn't, but still social conditioning would kick in, and I would treat her more friendly and gently than I did with the others, on the rare occasions that I saw her.

She was a high level Sirian, and beamed proudly at me, when she deliberately, albeit indirectly, introduced me to genetic offspring of mine, which had been placed with either Sirian or Siran/human hybrid couples, who were infertile. I was/am happy to oblige. I can tell the children are deeply wanted and loved, and that is the only condition I would set on the life-quickening fertilization of my genome--however strange and unknown the reason or science behind it all seems to me. She also was the one who was, I think, most responsible, for getting me to carry "whale" embryos for a few days. I never really understood that either, but after initially balking, because I feared that I was carrying some kind of genetic monster, I understood and gave my interior consent.

However, she had a dark side, as well--one that I did not recognize until today, when I finally realized that I had been tracking her on the web for years. Her articles have been timely and instrumental on more than one occasion, but very early on, I recognized a definite but subtle streak of malice towards humanity in her writing, even though I did not know who she was at the time. So, I would always benefit from her writing through that lens.

I don't know why she flipped out, and tried to murder me. I have some thoughts on the matter, but feel disqualified from mentioning them, because her life, being, and reality are so much different than mine, and I do not have the factual knowledge to fathom it. However, I am qualified to speak on the difference between good and evil, and from her postings (and her murder attempt last night), I sense a great, if hidden, evil that is born from a great hatred. Maybe, it was just a small hatred in the beginning, but I guess that when you live for hundreds of years, that small hatred can really snowball into an avalanche.

Anyway, since I survived the murder attempt completely unscathed, I can feel nothing but compassion for her from my heart. Because of my ignorance of so much of the facts, I must recuse myself from contributing to any judgment as to her future condition, though rest assured that if I find myself under assault, I will fight back--to the death if needs be. However, this happened in a dream, on the astral plane, and thanks to another psychic's intervention, I woke up. So, it is not from cowardice that I recuse myself, but from an honest sense of justice.

Still, I must say that the evil is still there, and she is an (astrally) powerful being, and evil and power makes for true danger and threat. Furthermore, because she can operate on a high astral (aka "spiritual" plane), she also can influence others, through their unconsciousness. The only part of this dream that I remember was Barack Obama giving a eulogy, while behind him stood dozens of coffins. I could not fully interpret the dream, until I finally realized what really happened last night. Somehow, I think she influenced Obama, or he and his patrons influenced her. Obama was preaching at MY funeral. That is a terrible charge to make, but I want to say that I had saw the initial pictures of the Obamas at the prayer breakfast, and had hoped for the best--that he/they had had a conversion of heart. I thought that maybe the dream even referred to myself--my guilty, self-convicted penitent burying all my past lives, so that I could move forward. However, as soon as the dream interpretation really clicked, I knew that was not true--that the dream DID refer literally to Obama, and now he/they are getting schooled on how to spiritually deceive at a deep level. Obama doesn't need any more powerful patrons--it just adds to the coffins in the room.

I have no anger or hatred towards any character in this astral murder attempt. I only feel sorry for all involved, especially the friends of this Sirian, who are genuinely heartbroken over her actions. I know that I have a difficult time "feeling" with my heart--I AM a very cerebral person (INTP on the Meyer Briggs), and I spent years dealing with and passing critical judgment on the lives and behaviors of men with criminal records, so the training automatically would kick in. However, even with all my intellectual predisposition and all my training and experience, I DO recognize the difficult and sorrowful time that you all are going through. I wish I could do something, but I can't. Circumstances prevent it, and it isn't time to change the circumstants I especially want to thank the psychic who did manage to break through my sleep--I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better, and I am sorry that I can't.

Difficult times for all involved, and I DO feel that.

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