Wednesday, June 16, 2010

another wasted day of my worthless life

another wasted day of my worthless life--2 sick to do anything. cant open eyes. cant do phscial exercise cant read cant think. im just a fucking precog keept in a pool of imprisonment while the goddamned monitors wait for oracles to come thur. i am a human being goddamni t. i want to enjoy simple pleasures of life freeom and autonomy. i am sick ot this goddamned morgellons and implants causing this blasted, alienated psychosis. iam sick of a body that deteroiorates more and more to the point of chronic pain. iam sick of the goddamned, unatural, neverending loneliness of enforced, ungifted celibacy. iam sick of having an add mind that cannot read ororganize thoughts. iam sick sick sick sick of it. my fucked up life ant worthliving, goddamned it. nwo i got to try to sleep with head so heavy icant hold it up.

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