Sunday, June 6, 2010

From bad to worse

Fr0m bad to worse --yesterday spent shopping. gratefully had energy for first part of day. but still didnt get all shopping done. hard to shop for shoes when you can barely bend over becdause back is locked up ad you are nearly 100 pounds overweight, thanx to psychotropic drugs forced on you. i ran out of gs. started getting very sick. realized i lost all ability to interact with people, enthusiasm for shopping, could barely walk. feet were so swollen and painful with the implants . got home and realized how sick i was no appetite to eat even tho i hadnt eaten in over 8 hours. brother called didnt want to tal to him, though he as all happy to talk. went to bed immediately feleling like shit, dint brush teethe, or change clothes. woke up completely fucked up. i still have to shop. no shopping is going to get done today. im not going to be able to move, cant even keep eyes open. cant do youga. which is too bad because i woke up with SEVERE cramps in my legs. think the implants really fucking up legs. so goddamne hot but im not going to be able to do anything. so fucking nauseated.

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