Monday, June 7, 2010

Hell has new meaning--

Hell has new meaning--now in addition to never ending pain, suffering, sickness, and torment, I am suffering from serious overheating. I have had heat exhaustion/stroke before and know what it is. I have suffered from it the last two days. The stupid goddamened alien implants destroying my God-given DNA to "put their tag on me" so they can get their ET rocks off, is superheating the body and i cannot stay cool, even though i lay in front of my very mediocre and weak swamp cooler without moving. It is so bad that somethimes i cant even drink water. I bought a bag of ice so i can suck on ice chips when that happens, or i suck on a popsicle to try to cool myself down in order to drink water. I dont like the heat. I prefer cooler temperatures, but I have lived in ABQ for nearly 10 years, and in this little house with its ancient swamp cooler, for four years, and I have never suffered from the heat the way that I am now. As a matter of fact, I have rarely turned on the cooler at all, but now, my internal heat is so high, that I can feel heat emanating from my head. Then on top of that I am so low energy and nauseas that I can barely move. I want to leave a clean house for my trip, but now I am so sick that I don't know if i can make it. Jeff (my brther) will be so disappointed if i don't go, but i am dreading it. I am so sick i just want to lay down at all times with eyes closed. My feet are so sore and painful from the implants that I can hardly walk. Yet I will have to make it to a connecting flight in Chicago in under a 45 minute layover, and I have scary teenage memories of O'Hare airport--a humongous, overwhelming maze in which I got lost more than once. But when I was a teenager, I could WALK, better yet, I could run, and I had a spring in my step that got me where i needed to go. On time. But that, still, is looking ahead. I still HAVE to do laundry and go to the bank, and buy shoes and a gift, and I have no enrergy to even move. On top of all that I am suffering from back pain again. I was worked on by a healer who has worked on me before. She is very effective in a subtle way, and she did work my body around. but now it is all jacked again. Not only the back, but my right leg and hip are wrenched out of socket again, and I am truly in a lot of pain, but there is nothing i can do about it. the godamned downloads. spasm evry muscle i have, and leave me in constant pain. UI havent been following the news--every time I open to a MSM browser window, I hold my breath to see if the world is at war yet (Israel/Middle East problem), but I am too sick to follow the in depth and real news I get from the "conspiracy" sites. (I have to be mentally energetic and healthy enough to sift out the "tares from the wheat" on those sites, and make the connections myself and I am too sick to do that now. And what is Hillary doing in SA? Too sick to figure it out. When I am this sick all i can do is pray. I pray that i can get up and do what it is i got to do.

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