Thursday, June 10, 2010

No more trips

No more trips--suffering after anothr hell nite of muscle spasms and th blasted, alienated psychotic mind. Woke up thish morning with a severe migraine, and spasmed muscles so bad tha i can barely walk. tired of ita all. dont want togo anywhere. want to alsy down with a towel round head. so tired of all this. maybe they do it so my family will think im schizoid. dont know. only know hat this is going to be another difficult hell day. glasd i set up a pickup. im too sick to even walk the one half block to catch the bus to take to airport. signing off for today. God help me get thru this day. another interesting wrinkle in my bodys decline. yesterday when the tech went to draw a routine blood sample, she couldnt find a vein!!! Ive always had good veins (yep, even been told that before by phlebotomists). she finally drew the blood and tho the needle prick didnt hurt. today my inner elbow is so sore it hurts to hold cup of coffee to lips. Sore all over. i wish this day were already over.

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